Meeting place for all walks, unless otherwise stated, is North Street Car Park, Lewes at 9.30am prompt.

All walks finish at around 1 pm unless otherwise stated. The ‘Finish Time’ is the actual end of the walk, not the time back at Lewes.

All phone numbers are 01273 prefix, unless otherwise stated.

Abbreviations:  Pub:  Public House at end of walk. Pub-e-R:  Public house stop en route. Picnic:   Bring a picnic                             
Picnic/Pub:  Bring a picnic or use the public house en-route  F8: Figure of eight walk


Click here for more information about our walks. Click here to download the current walks programme.  


Walk Classifications Explained


Strolls. These have been introduced to the programme to cater for those members who need to walk at a more leisurely pace than before.  The emphasis is on a leisurely pace.  There is no rush and there will always be time for anybody at the back to catch up if needs be.  Strolls are no more than 3.5 miles long and usually less than that.  They can be hilly in places but hills will not be long and steep and hilly strolls will be shorter to accommodate the slower pace up hills.


Rambles.  These are what may be considered as normal walks of old.  The pace will be faster than a stroll but slower walkers will be accommodated if they fall behind.  It is important to note the type of countryside a ramble is going through.  By definition, hilly countryside will be more taxing than a flat walk.  Most rambles will be morning walks but some may extend into the afternoon.


Hikes.  These will be more challenging than rambles in a number of possible ways.  The speed of walking may not be much quicker than a ramble but walkers are expected to keep up with the group.  The exception to this is on hills.  On these walkers can climb at their own speed.  There will be no pressure to get to the top quickly and everybody is grateful for a rest after a steep hill.  Hikes will usually be more than six miles and usually run into the afternoon.  Some will be all-day walks.  It is unlikely that a hike will be entirely along flat paths unless it is longer than usual.


 Current Walks Programme




Wed 4 Oct        Lower Dicker to Hailsham

Ramble            Meet Waitrose bus stop for 09.29 bus 28

                          to Lower Dicker. Return by 12.58

                          or 13.28 bus. Flat. 6 miles.

                        Leaders: Hilda and Graham  472678



Sun 15 Oct       Iford via Rise Farm

Ramble            Meet Lewes railway station at 09:30.                 

                          Return to Southover. Mostly flat. 5                    


                        Leader: Wolfgang  470285



Tues 24 Oct     Arlington

Stroll               Walk around reservoir. Mostly flat,                     

                          some undulations. 3.5 miles. Café.

                        Leader: Zena  470280



Sun 29 Oct       Peacehaven circular via Telscombe

Ramble            Undulating. 6 miles. Finish about 13:30.

                        Leader: Hazel  01323 897784



Wed 8 Nov       Upper Beeding

Ramble            Hilly. 5.5 miles.

                        Leader: Alan  474552



Tues 14 Nov     Laughton

Ramble            Meet Waitrose bus stop for 09.59 bus                

28 to The Roebuck, Laughton.                          

Circular-walk through woodland.                        

Undulating, may be muddy. 4.5 miles.               

Pub. Return by bus.

                        Leader: Roger  07933 583785


Sun 19 Nov      Balsdean Valley

Ramble            Lewes Favourite Walks 4. Circular                     

from Woodingdean car park.                             

Undulating. 5.5 miles.

                        Leader: Phil  07790 737094


Tue 28 Nov      Horsebridge

Stroll               Circular stroll from Horsebridge Mill                   

via Hellingly and the Cuckoo Line.                     

Flat. 3.5 miles

                        Leaders: Margaret 07969 386605 and               

Jean     Please note- Meet at 09.30 hrs

            NOT the usual 10.00 hrs for strolls.


Sun 3 Dec        Henfield circular

Hike                 Undulating. 6.5 miles

                        Leader: Anita   07989 176591



Tues 12 Dec     Rushlake Green

Ramble            Via Warbleton and Vines Cross.

                        Undulating. 5 miles.

                        Leader: Anne D.  474697          


Sun 17 Dec      Hollingbury Castle

Ramble            Hollingbury Castle and Stanmer Park.               

Meet bottom of School Hill for 09.46                  

bus 28 to University of Brighton. Cafe.               

Return by bus. Hilly. 5 miles.                             

Leaders: Hilda and Graham  472678



Wed 27 Dec     Lewes Racecourse

Ramble            From Hope in the Valley. Meet at                      

09.30 in Brighton Road at lane                          

opposite Hope in the Valley riding                      

stables. Parking in the lane or take 28               

or 29 bus. One hill. 4.5 miles.

                        Leader: Jean  07887 374845











Meeting Place

Meeting place for all walks unless stated otherwise is North Street Car Park, Lewes in time for a prompt start at 9:30am.


Finish Times

All walks finish at about 1pm unless otherwise stated. The ‘Finish Time’ is the actual end of the walk.




All-Day walks are normally between 7 and 10 miles; other walks are between 4 and 6 miles.

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Contact Leader

All phone numbers are  01273 prefix unless otherwise stated.



The walks will be between 2 and 3.5 miles and we shall meet at North Street Car Park at 10.00am, unless otherwise stated.   

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Walks using Trains

Where we travel on the Train to the start of the walk will you please be at the railway station fifteen minutes before the timed departure. Do not purchase a ticket before contacting the walk leader as the start and finish of the walk may not be from the same station. 


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Bus and Train Times

Please note the times given for both buses and trains are taken from current timetables and may vary in the winter timetables when these walks take place.

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Dogs are not allowed on walks because of the apparent increasing problems with aggressive cows.



Find out about today’s weather before you start out.


Programme Availability
The current walks programme is not presently available from the Lewes Tourist Information Centre,
nor the Outdoor shop in Cliffe High Street.

See below to download the current walks programme.


Abbreviations used in Walks Programme
Pub:             Public House at end of walk.
Pub-e-R:      Public House stop en route
Picnic:         Bring a picnic
Picnic/Pub:  Bring a picnic or use the public house en-route
F8:               Figure of eight walk


Download Current Walks Programme 


The current walks programme may be downloaded in either WORD or PDF format.


Click here to download a WORD version. This format is suitable for Windows users but may fail on other systems (e.g. Mac, ipad etc).  The walk programme is downloading a little strangely for some reason.  The information is all there but a little messily.


Click here to download a PDF version of the walks programme.  


If you experience problems downloading the file please contact the Administrator using the email address given at the bottom of the home page.


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