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Boreham Street – Sunday 18 December 2016

On Sunday the Lewes Footpaths Group set out on the Herstmonceux Castle walk (ESCC route 30), beginning in Boreham Street. We stuck to Boreham Lane for the first part of the walk rather than crossing the fields in view of the state of the stiles and the excessively inquisitive nature of the horses occupying the paddocks. Turning right into Jenners Lane, we then left the road and followed the field edge in the direction of Herstmonceux Castle.


The day was still and grey; the only signs of life were robins and wrens getting territorial in the hedgerows, and the sound of gunshots from a shooting party annihilating the bird life in the distance. The path took us to the main Wartling road for a short stretch, after which we turned left onto the footpath running alongside the Herstmonceux science centre, its observatory domes looking strangely alien in the English countryside.  The path, part of the 1066 Country Walk,  took us past the front of the castle, once one of the most important brick buildings of the 15th century, now restored and part of a Canadian university. We stopped for a coffee break in the next field, then followed a bridleway to enter the woods behind the castle. We returned along the lanes – pleasantly traffic-free on a Sunday morning.



Sunrise Stroll – Wednesday 13 December 2016

Seven early birds, shepherded by Graham, caught the bus to Ringmer at the unearthly hour of seven o’ clock.  Just as we left the confines of Ringmer village the rain began and rain wear was quickly donned.  It did not last long but an intermittent, showery dampness stayed with us for the rest of the stroll.  A short, sharp climb took us to the site of the Glynde Wind Turbine which is tall but not as tall as many turbines.  Its sleek lines contrasted with the gently rotting remains of what, one assumes, was a post windmill from days of old.  By this time the sun had risen though there was nothing in the sky to confirm that specific event apart from the fact that we could now see where we were going.  Pressing on we walked up Week Lane to Saxon Cross and into the low cloud that spoiled the view but added to the atmosphere.  On the golf course there were no golfers but a solitary dog walker loomed out of the clouds and then disappeared.  An excellent breakfast was enjoyed at Le Magasin and it was generally agreed that this had been a good way to start the day.


DSCN0992 (888x1024)

Old and new wind power


DSCN0995 (768x1024)

Big, tall swishy thing


DSCN0996 (768x1024)

Just posing



Southease –Sunday 4 December 2016

On a crisp, sunny day nineteen of us wrapped up well as we set off for a six-mile walk from Southease. We followed the path alongside the River Ouse for about a mile before crossing the busy Newhaven-Lewes road. Here we found a farm track for a short while until we turned off it to climb steeply through bushes startling a number of ring-necked pheasants. At the top, we admired the views of the Downs whilst sheep munched their ways through a field of turnips.


Our rough track led us to the north end of Peacehaven where palatial houses are interspersed with more modest buildings. From there, we made our way toward Telscombe village church for our coffee break. Leaving the church yard, we passed the old hostel now being extended and converted into terraced housing. It was a short climb along the village road until we turned off onto a chalk track which descended into the valley. By the “spider” bench, we turned left to follow the South Downs Way. There were spectacular views as we headed towards Rodmell village. Walking past the Abergavenny Arms, we passed close to Monks House, the former home of Virginia and Leonard Woolf, and saw the small village school on our right and church on our left. The permissive path, running parallel to the main road, led us back to Southease. After passing the 12th century church with its unusual round tower, we were soon back to our cars. The walk was led by Margaret and Jeannette.



Housedean to Lewes – Wednesday 30 Nov 2016

On Wednesday 30th November, the coldest night of the year so far, we met at Lewes bus station. The temperature was hovering around zero.  We took the 28 bus to Housedean Farm, crossed the bridge over the A27 and picked up the South Downs Way.  As we climbed the first hill in brilliant sunshine, without a breath of wind, we warmed up and started shedding scarves and layers of clothing.  On this clear, sparkling day the views were stunning.


We followed the ups and downs of the South Down Way until we stopped for our coffee break at the top of Balmer Down.  Here, half a dozen men were manoeuvring sheep, one by one, through a metal enclosure. We found out that they were testing the sheep for pregnancy and if the ewes were carrying twins. From this viewpoint, we could clearly see the i-360 observation tower on Brighton seafront.


Suitably refreshed, we carried on to Blackcap before skirting the racing stables.  When we reached Landport Bottom Nature Reserve one or two walkers, who lived at the top of town, turned off whilst the rest of us continued towards the town centre.  Thirteen members took part in the walk which was led by Janet. Photos by Graham.


S D Walkers

The sun shines on the righteous walkers


DSCN0982 (1024x768)

The undignified scanning of pregnant sheep



Lancing - Tuesday 15 Nov 2016

The weather forecast was not that encouraging.  Although exceptionally mild (it reached 17 degrees – in mid-November!) and with almost no wind, we were promised a thick blanket of cloud all day with intermittent showers, not great for a walk characterised by the wonderful views (weather permitting). However, against all expectations, the clouds parted and the sun shone all morning. It was so much warmer than we had anticipated that we found we had to shed some of the layers, especially on the ascents.


We started the walk from the Lancing Ring Nature Reserve car park.  Six of us set off and followed the path, first a hedgerow-lined track, then into open country and the ascent up Steep Down to the trig point at the top. From here, the views are stunning – to the south, the glistening sea, the urban sprawl along the coast towards Brighton, with the new i360 tower just visible in the far distance, the outline of Lancing College chapel and, in all other directions, the undulating downland scenery of grazing sheep, cattle and arable fields.


The walk then turned eastwards, passing Coombehead Wood, where we stopped for a brief refreshment break in the warm sunshine; then on towards the small village of Coombe, down in the Adur valley below with the somewhat eerie long abandoned Beeding cement works in the distance and Shoreham and its ever busy airport to the south.


Our return route took us across fields, down a fairly steep descent to Cow Bottom and the impressive flint animal enclosure, Cowbottom Hovel, then up a steep footpath to the top of Lancing Hill.  And very soon we were back at the car park.


We all agreed that we were so lucky to have been out in this splendid landscape on what was very likely to be the last warm day of the year. The walk was led by Vivien.



Isfield – Tuesday 8 Nov 2016

17 strollers set out on a short walk from “The Laughing Fish” pub at Isfield. As we started from the village, it was a beautiful sunny morning with frost still on the ground. The highlight of our walk was following the River Ouse through water meadows until we reached the Anchor Inn. The riverside pub, so busy on summer afternoons, had no other customers for a scenic winter morning coffee break.


Afterwards, we made our way across the water meadows, walking parallel to the disused railway until we came out onto the Lewes Road leading into Isfield. Once back at the pub, a few of us had a drink there and others went on to the Farm Shop further down the road. The short stroll was led by Margaret and Mike.



Clapham – Wednesday 2 Nov 2016

Our leader, Robert, took the Group into a part of West Sussex they had not explored before.  Starting at Clapham Church, the party went through some woodland and parkland to arrive at the top of the scarp slope above Long Furlong.  Beautiful views of the Weald were obtained as it was a sunny day. After a coffee break, the party made their way to the crest of the A 280 near Tolmare Farm. The return route to Clapham was along the Monarchs Way and Longfurlong Lane before we crossed the A 280 again and went back through the wood to Clapham Church.



Hurstpierpoint – Sunday 23 October 2016

On a gloriously sunny, autumnal day, twenty-eight of us, led by Alan, set out on a circular walk from Hurstpierpoint. After walking around some fields to the north of the town, we headed in a south-easterly direction, passing several flocks of sheep who seemed to be enjoying the sunny weather as much as we did. The route provided lovely views of the Downs with Jack and Jill windmills silhouetted on the top.


Eventually we changed direction, heading westwards, and came to a field full of alpacas, and a mutual inspection took place at close quarters. One of our members remarked that one of the alpacas had a hairstyle like Donald Trump’s. However this beast was much friendlier and more attractive than Trump. Some members had to be dragged away to continue the walk, which led in front of Danny House, a fine Elizabethan mansion, which  was used during World War I by Lloyd George, and now serves as a doubtless very desirable retirement home. From there we completed the circle back to Hurstpierpoint town centre. Despite the 15 or more stiles that we had to negotiate, we all enjoyed the walk, particularly in the perfect weather.



Oct walk 4 (1024x576)

A stilish chance to enjoy the view


Oct walk 1 (1024x576)

A meeting with some wild beasts



Crow and Gate to Five Ashdown– Tuesday 18 October 2016

Seven of us enjoyed the country bus ride from the Waitrose bus stop to near the top of Ashdown Forest. Once in the forest, we began descending, (with a few ups as well), initially across the open heath land of Ashdown Forest, and then through woodland on the Wealdway. On our walk, we enjoyed the quite beautiful autumn colours, before arriving at the bus stop for our return with a few minutes to spare. It was sunny for some of the time too!



Chelwood Vachery - Wednesday 12 Oct 2016

Twelve walkers met for a gently undulating stroll around Chelwood Vachary, near Wych Cross and were surprised to find the car park was very busy with another large group! We set off on the forest walk in dry weather but endured one or two brief showers on route. Chelwood Vachary is an early 20th century garden  with a series of terraces descending to a water garden and surrounding arboretum. Our walk was varied and enjoyable encompassing lakes, ornamental boulders and bridges and some white cows! Vachery being the name of a place for the grazing of cows in the forest!



Peacehaven Circular – Sunday 9 Oct 2016

This summer has had more than its fair share of sunny Sundays but the 23 walkers who found their way round Peacehaven were not complaining about another one.  Starting from The Big Park café we headed inland and climbed onto the path to Telscombe with its lovely views over the Downs.  From the village, a climb took us to the top of Telscombe Tye where we paused to admire the many blue hues of the sea spread out before us.  A cliff top walk took us past the Meridian Monument, erected in 1936 in memory of King George V, and so back to the start.  Graham and Hilda led the way.



High Hurstwood – Wednesday 28 September 2016

The leader warned the fifteen walkers to be prepared to walk amongst two herds of cows and to negotiate many stiles on this five mile Wednesday walk at High Hurstwood.  Starting from the village hall we walked past the Hurstwood pub, down the hill and took the footpath on the left at the bridge. We followed the footpath in a southerly direction for about one mile, past an intriguing outcrop of sandstone rocks, to come to a bridge over the single track railway line from Uckfield. We waved at the driver of a train from Uckfield who replied with a loud toot-toot as he went under us.  Moving on some of us were concerned about walking past a group of young cows in our way, but we gave them a wide berth and thankful they did not come towards us. We crossed a picturesque river valley with the coloured water indicating the presence of iron in the ground. Having climbed up out of the valley our energy was further tested by having to negotiate half a dozen stiles in close proximity as the path crossed fields and gardens. Thankfully we eventually came to a downhill lane but were brought to a stop as we entered a field to be met by a group of long horned cattle. We plucked up courage to walk amongst them being assured by some walkers that this type of animal is very docile. We made it safely to sit on the grass beside a WWII pill box to watch the long horns from a distance and take a refreshment break.  There was excitement as one of the cows eventually came in close to inspect us presumably expecting to get some food.  Suitably refreshed we followed a stream but unfortunately the leader missed the final footbridge and took us the wrong way for a while forcing us to backtrack to find the correct path. We re-crossed the railway line through one of the arches of Sleeches viaduct which echoed to our shouts and hand clapping. The final leg of our journey was uneventful but presented us with more stiles and another welcome downhill lane finishing at the pub and village hall.  Dave led the walk which was published by The Sussex Ouse Conservation Society. Photos by Graham.


Cows with Horns!

Pillbox Coffee Stop

Pillbox View (1024x576)

Cows with horns!!

Pillbox Coffee Stop

Pillbox View



Newick to North Chailey to Isfield – Tuesday 20 September 2016

All the other passengers on the number 121 bus that took us to North Chailey had disembarked by the time the bus had reached Chailey.  Had not the eight of us been on board it would have been empty, a state of affairs that, maybe, goes someway to explain why the bus does not run as frequently as it once did.  Two other walkers joined us at the bus stop where we got off and the whole group started the walk down Coldharbour Lane. We followed the route of the Greenwich Meridian Trail and at Lane End Common we stopped for a group photograph at the Meridian Monument erected by Ivor Grantham in 1953, before continuing onward to Wapsbourne Manor where we joined the Sussex Ouse Valley Way.  This trail took us to Newick where liquid refreshments were imbibed at The Royal Oak before we set off for the second half of the walk to Isfield.  On this stretch of the Sussex Ouse Valley Way the route does follow the bank of the river itself and we stayed with the river until we reached the new White Bridge, which is not a patch on the old brick structure which, unfortunately, was in danger of falling down so had to be replaced.  Soon we reached Isfield where advantage was taken of the half hour wait for the bus to enjoy the hospitality of The Laughing Fish.  The weather was cloudy but perfectly pleasant for an enjoyable walk led by Graham.


Strung Out on the Line

Strung Out On the Line



Stroll Cuckmere Haven – Wednesday 14 September 2016

Our stroll to Cuckmere Haven on was good for those of us who find stiles and hills a bit of a challenge these days. A happy band of ten walkers enjoyed three miles of flat well trodden footpaths in the Cuckmere Valley with no stiles. Starting at the South Downs Country Park Visitor Centre on a clear sunny day, ten walkers took the footway beside the A259 coast road towards Exceat Bridge. Just before reaching the bridge, we passed through a gate on our left to a footpath running beside the Cuckmere River towards the sea.  We enjoyed the excellent views of unspoilt countryside and spotting the wading birds.  We reached the sea at the half way point pausing for a while to watch the turbulent waters where the Cuckmere flowed into sea.  We continued on a path, with the sea on our right, towards the foot of the downs with the first of the Seven Sisters rising up before us. Avoiding any hills we turned onto a wide grassy path, passing beside several remains of WWII defences. For our final leg, we joined the concrete path that took us back to the start where we finished off with refreshments at Saltmarsh cafe. The stroll was lead by Dave.



Evening walk with Supper Fulking – Wednesday 7 September 2016

Wednesday 7 September was a beautiful hot summer’s day, followed by one of those relatively rare warm, balmy, still evenings – perfect for the last evening walk of the season.


Twelve walkers gathered at the car park of the Shepherd and Dog in the charming old village of Fulking, nestling at the foot of the Downs. We set off on the narrow path leading from the pub garden up, up, up to the South Downs Way.  It is a long, steep ascent, so we could justify the occasional stop to gather breath and take in the superb views northwards looking down onto Fulking and far into the distance across the Sussex Weald.  Once we reached the South Downs Way, we were again rewarded with fantastic views in the opposite direction, of Shoreham, Brighton, Hove and the glistening sea.  We turned eastwards and continued for some distance through the open landscape of the South Downs Way.  Looking down towards Brighton, we could see its latest tourist attraction, the i360 and its doughnut slowly carrying passengers to the top.  Apart from the odd dog walker and mountain-biker, we had this beautiful landscape all to ourselves.


We stopped briefly for some refreshment - it’s thirsty work in these temperatures - before starting the steep descent on a narrow, rutted, somewhat challenging path down to Edburton.  Then across the road and heading towards the fields, we turned eastward to make our way back to Fulking.  It was a magical time of day - the light was fading, there was silence all around and the air was still as we made our way across the last few fields. Exhilarated by our evening’s adventures, we were cheered to see the welcoming lights of the pub.  Our evening ended with a relaxing, companionable supper.  The walk was led by Vivien.



Barcombe.  Favourite Walk 9 – Monday 29 August 2016

On this Bank Holiday Monday afternoon, 28 walkers joined Jeannette for a 5 mile walk from Barcombe Cross.  The weather was warm and sunny and after leaving the village stores we took a path almost opposite which skirted the back of the school’s playing fields.  The path led us over a few fields before emerging onto Birdshole Lane which was in fact a track taking us through Bird’s Hole Wood.  Here we could see that Autumn was fast approaching with a carpet of leaves already gathering.


Leaving the wood we crossed a lane and were soon walking through a vast free range chicken farm before finding our way to the outskirts of South Chailey and Balneath Barn where we spotted a Boutique Cattery which looked very luxurious.


After a break for refreshments, we soon found ourselves in Knowlands Wood which in Spring is carpeted with the lovely wood anemones. We then passed through Knowlands Farm with its beautiful lake, resplendent with a border of pure white water lilies.


After crossing the lane again at Mount Pleasant, we made our way across fields and eventually came to the lovely Red Bridge with its weir and were soon back to Barcombe, passing the new Village Hall, with its turf roof, before returning to our starting point.


This walk is featured in our booklet “ Favourite walks in and around Lewes” which is available from Lewes Tourist Office.



Goring by Sea (Change from Binstead Woods) – Tuesday 23 August 2016

Although the programme stated that the walk would be in Binsted Woods after a train journey to and from Ford, the leader changed this to a train journey to Goring-by-Sea in view of the time it would have taken to reach Ford under the current emergency timetable.  So after a delay when changing trains at Worthing, which enabled most to support the coffee shop there, the party of 11 set off in the summer heat for a walk to Patching via Highdown Hill. After walking through a housing estate the ascent, which included steps, was made via Hangelton Farm.  A slight breeze on the top was welcome before the descent to the A 27 for which a subway has been provided to cross this busy road.  After going through Dewshead Wood, Patching was reached in time for a late lunch stop in the shade of the churchyard.  The shorter return to the railway station was made by Northdown Farm and an easier ascent to Highdown Hill.  The return trains to Lewes worked well and the party was back in Lewes shortly after 5pm having had a pleasant, though hot, day out in West Sussex.



Firle  - Alciston Favourite Walk 5– Sunday 14 August 2016

On a wonderfully sunny morning, members of the Footpaths Group set out to walk from Firle to Alciston and back. From Firle car park, we walked through the village and turned left onto the old coach road which winds along the foot of the downs. Paragliders circled slowly above us on the thermals from the sunbaked stubble fields. We stopped for a coffee break shortly after passing Bo Peep Farmhouse, then continued towards Alciston. We passed the ancient barn and village, and then struck out west across the fields, negotiating some rather skittish loose horses en route. Passing Sarah Walton’s pottery, we peered over the wall to admire her bird baths. We reached Charleston Farmhouse shortly after 12. The café was open and supplied us with delicious cake, tea and coffee. Dragging ourselves away, we took the footpath towards Firle Place, scattering young pheasants as we went. We passed the folly, and walked through a maize field, towering above our heads, until we came to the park. Avoiding cars pouring in for the Vintage Fair, we made our way across the park to the gate into the village. The walk was led by Anne.



Laughton Circular – Tuesday 26 July 2016

The planned walk was moved from Shortgate to Laughton but ended up being much the same walk.  The route was Walk Seven of the Favourite walks in and around Lewes booklet published by the group and begins at the car park in Laughton village.  Walking north through Brickhurst Wood brought us to a by-way going west.  Circling the village took us down a prolonged section along a well wooded by-way.  After crossing the B 2124 we continued south into open farmland with open views ahead of the Downs and eventually the Tower of Laughton Place, built in 1534 by Sir William Pelham and is all that remains of a much larger establishment and is now owned by the Landmark Trust.  Our approach to the tower was enlivened by the sudden appearance of a large herd of frisky bullocks that galloped out to meet us.  Closing ranks we faced them down and reached the way out of the field unscathed.  I think that they were just looking for food.  The route back to the village was back across open fields that can be very wet in winter but today were perfectly dry.  The sun shone on the group of 16 led by Hilda and Graham.



Ripe – Wednesday 20 July 2016

Our stroll on July 20th started at the picturesque village of Ripe.  The very hot weather of the previous two days probably affected the numbers of walkers with only 5 of us taking part but we started the walk with heavy cloud so coats and fleeces were the order of the day.


Passing the sad and empty Lamb Inn we turned right down a drive which became a rather enclosed path. We reached the road back to the village, but soon turned left across a large manicured field. Taking a couple of small gates for walkers we continued through a pretty meadow and then a fair way down a thankfully quiet lane.   


Turning left down a bridleway we could soon see the spire of Chalvington Church. We took a short break to visit this small 13th century church with its views across the open surrounding fields. Sudden gusts of wind took us by surprise but these soon returned the hot weather of the previous day or so. We crossed another smart field back to Ripe Church in bright sunshine, down the lane passing the surprisingly large village shop with its selection of home cooked temptations, and back to our  our starting point.


The walk was led by Keith.



Pyecombe – Sunday 17 July 2016

Having decided that we wanted to get the steep climb out of the way at the start, we set out in unusually warm weather from Clayton village and immediately clambered up the Downs to Jack and Jill windmills, the former sadly and hopefully temporarily having been decapitated. After taking in the view, we went along the South Downs Way, where we were accosted by a couple of walkers, who thought that we were a Labour party outing because of our leader’s uncanny resemblance to one Jeremy Corbyn (see Committee page of our website http://www.lewesfootpathsgroup.org.uk/)! Having disabused them of this misconception, we descended to Pyecombe, and began a much gentler climb towards Wolstonbury Hill. This part of the Downs was covered in a profusion of many different wildflowers, of which the pyramidal orchids and round-headed rampion (also known as the Pride of Sussex) were the most exciting. The more botanically-minded participants assured us that it was quite unusual to see such a plethora of the rampion. Though there were not a huge number of butterflies around, we spotted Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Marble White, Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper. The skylarks were also singing and the spectacular view made Wolstonbury Hill literally and figuratively the high point of the walk. We descended eastwards, first through downland, then woods and back along a lane back to Clayton, where some of us admired the extensive wall paintings in the church. The walk was led by Alan.



Ightham Mote Coach Trip – Wednesday 13 July 2016

The Group's annual coach trip on Wednesday 13th July attracted 21 participants and this year they went to Ightham Mote.  As the property had recently suffered flash flooding of its ground floor some rooms were not open and they were still being cleaned and dried out.  However this did not spoil the party enjoying the property or its delightful grounds.  After most participants had sampled the delights of the Mote Restaurant and watched the many birds there, Robert Cheesman lead a short walk of some two and a half miles through the woods to the west of the property. This culminated at a spectacular viewpoint over the weald to the south near Wilmot Hill.  Fortunately the threatened rain in the afternoon missed Ightham Mote and the few spots received did not detract from the walk after which many had a cup of tea before the coach returned to Lewes.



Breakfast Walk Newmarket to Spring Barn – Saturday 9 July

On Saturday 9th July, we discovered that the Sussex Breakfast at Spring Barn merits the addition of “Full”.  The sausages are large and plump, the potato wedges are thick and crisp, the bacon is served in generous amounts and the toast arrived three at a time and deserve the description of “doorsteps”.  So if the Breakfast part of the morning’s outing was a success, what about the walk?  It is fair to report that the eighteen members who disembarked at The Newmarket did enjoy the pre-prandial ramble that followed the bridleway from the inn to the top of the Downs, joining the South Downs Way in the process, and then along the top, with the usual fine views being somewhat less than perfect because of the heavily overcast conditions.  Jugg’s Road took the party down to Kingston and from there it is but a short hop to Spring Barn.  Graham and Hilda kept the flock in order.



Stonegate – Sunday 3 July

On Sunday 3rd July, the walk was a four and a half mile loop round Stonegate.  Starting by the church, we took a public footpath in south-easterly direction across fields, and then along the edge of woodland called Church Wood Shaws.  The public footpath joins a gravel drive, which heads South towards a farm near Cock’s Wood, near the Tunbridge Wells to Hastings railway line.  We turned East, walking close to the railway line through Upper Collingtons wood, where we turned left towards Battenhurst Farm.  There was slow progress, as this footpath was partly overgrown with brambles.  We joined Shrub Lane due North, but after half a mile we turned left near Bearhurst Farm.  This is the other end of the gravel drive, and we followed it down towards a stream.  In the adjacent fields you could spot a collection of old (and rusty) machinery.  We then turned right onto a footpath, again across the edges of fields, and with Stonegate Church in sight we joined the outbound path.  By the Sewage Works we used a shortcut to get back to the church.

The walk was led by Wolfgang.



Bexhill to Hastings – Tuesday 28 June 2016

Twelve of us set off from Lewes by train for the Bexhill to Hastings walk on June 28th.  We got off at Bexhill and then enjoyed coffee (and cake for some) on the terrace of the De la Warr Pavilion. Descending to the promenade we marvelled at the beautifully kept gardens of the houses on the sea front, all packed with interesting shrubs and flowers which obviously coped well with the salt-laden breezes.


Our route took us along by the sea all the way to Hastings a distance of about five miles.  For the most part it was flat, easy walking although we had to watch out for cyclists who shared the path.  It was a tranquil walk in perfect weather – sunny with a gentle breeze to keep us from overheating.  At the edge of St Leonards we took advantage of some convenient seats to stop and enjoy a brief picnic.  We arrived in Hastings in time to catch the 1.58 train back to Lewes.  The walk was led by Janet.



Rushlake Green - Sunday 19 June 2016

On a glorious summer’s morning eight of us set out from Rushlake Green for a 5-mile circular walk. A muddy path through some woodland brought us out onto the road to Warbleton and thence to its church, where we turned left and crossed the fields, to the sound of church bells. A narrow gap in the hedge led us onto Furnace Lane. A track to the right took us past Furnace Wood where we stopped for a short break in the sunshine, before walking on to Caller’s Corner, crossing fields brilliant with orchids and ox-eye daisies. We returned to Rushlake Green past Summerhill Farm. The walk was led by Anne.






                         Margaret supplied the photos.


Castle Hill Nature Reserve - 12 June 2016

The five of us who met for the start of the planned Orchid Walk on June 12th agreed that Castle Hill National Nature Reserve was a long way to walk to in the rain to look for orchids and concluded that Mount Caburn would be a more sensible place to head for. Having passed the golf club we spotted our first orchids as we headed down to Bible Bottom.  The exact type of orchid was unclear but it was not the one that smells of cats’ pee.  Further along, we found numerous Spotted Leaf Orchids and some Pyramidal Orchids.  There were many other plants to excite our interest and take our minds off the rain including scabies, marjoram, thyme, vetch and bird’s foot trefoil.  At the top we looked around at all the low cloud and decided to head for Glynde where we caught the train back to Lewes, meeting on the platform a charming man from Prague who on Friday had been to the Glyndebourne opera, had walked part of the South Downs Way in the sunshine on Saturday and had got very wet like us walking that morning round Glynde.  Christine led the way and we enjoyed our walk in spite of the weather. Our next walk is on Tuesday 28th June. Meet at Lewes Station to catch the 09.44 train to Bexhill. Anyone is welcome to join us.



Danehill Stroll - 8 June 2016

Our stroll in the Danehill area took us from the village car park down Horsted Lane and through the path separating Withy and High Woods. Having reached the ponds near Sedge Wood a deer was spotted in the distance and the party had a refreshment break to see if any more would be seen.  Alas this was not the case and so the climb out of the woods was undertaken to cross the A275 and go through the grounds of Cumnor House School.  Then another wooded path, which was appreciated in the hot weather, took us back to the village car park. The walk was led by Robert.



Pevensey – Sunday 5 June 2016

We took the train to Pevensey and Westham, and then set off in glorious sunshine in a northerly direction across Pevensey Levels until we reached Pevensey Haven. The banks of this picturesque little river were covered the whole way by white and pink hawthorn in full bloom, together with occasional attractive yellow water irises. We followed the waterway for about a mile and a half until we reached the pretty hamlet of Rickney. Our return route led us across more of the Levels, where sheep and cows were grazing peacefully, to Chilley Farm. Here we were pleased to be able to buy ice creams to cool us down before the final leg to Pevensey village. We had a restful picnic lunch in the Castle grounds, before returning to the station. The 5-mile walk was led by Alan.



Ashdown Forest Spring Hill – Sunday 22 May 2016

Sunday 22nd May, was an excellent day for walking in Ashdown Forest because it was sunny but not too hot. We started the walk at the Goat crossroads, near Wych Cross and proceeded  through the forest and on to the border fence of Springhill Wild Fowl Collection where we saw Canada geese, on our side of the fence. We then went into a large open space with a magnificent view of the National Trust property Standen House with East Grinstead in the background. After that, we were into woods with many rhododendrons. At one point, a tree had been blown across the track, but we scrambled over it.


We came to the busy road between Goat to Sharpthorne road, with lots of bends. At this point, I decided to use a whistle and a handkerchief, tied to my walking pole, to warn those in our group of approaching cars. This worked remarkably well. Finally, we made our way to the Cripps Manor Road where we could have turned left taking us straight back to the car park. Instead, we crossed Cripps Manor Road and made our way along a parallel path - the scenic route - taking us back to the car park. The 5 mile walk was led by Roy.



Mystery Evening Walk with Supper – Wednesday 18 May 2016

‘Is this evening’s walk on or off?’ – that was the question during the day on Wednesday while the rain bucketed down non-stop.  But faith in the forecasting powers of the Met Office was rewarded – it cleared up in the afternoon heralding a very pleasant, mild, dry (but for a few puddles underfoot) and largely bright evening.


It was a good turn-out for such an initially unpromising day – 19 walkers gathered in the carpark of the Sloop Inn (near Scaynes Hill) and set off for a 5 mile walk across meadows, through woodland and along lanes of this lovely stretch of countryside, part of the Low Weald.  Everything was looking at its greenest, freshest and most Spring-like, and although the bluebells and wood anemones carpeting the woods had by now mainly gone over, there were many other delights for the eye – hawthorn blossom everywhere, lace-like cow parsley fringing the hedgerows, swathes of red campion under the trees, lambs and ewes in the fields - and continuous birdsong to delight the ear.  One very special find we came upon was a stunning clump of early purple orchids (deep purple flowers with spotted leaves, the UK’s earliest orchid to appear), not a species with which most of us were familiar.


The walk took us from the Sloop Inn through to the village of Scaynes Hill and back to the newly renovated pub where we stopped for an excellent and convivial supper.  For some of us, the highlight of the evening was being serenaded by nightingales when we emerged from supper.



Southease to Lewes Stroll – Wednesday 11 May 2016

One of the walkers on this 4 mile stroll from Southease station to Lewes came from Preston.  She had not travelled down on the day, of course, but was on holiday in the area and had found the information about the walk on the group’s website.  Such is the power of the internet.  The rain that had fallen the previous night failed to induce the anticipated mud along the banks of the River Ouse and the whole stroll passed off particularly pleasantly for the nine walkers who took part, ably led by Hilda and Graham.



Uckfield Rocks & Rivers - Sunday 24 April 2016

On Sunday 24th April, 18 of us set off for a circular six-mile walk starting from Uckfield bus station. Our route left Uckfield town centre through a local Nature Reserve to a deep and atmospheric lake hidden among trees and bordered by rocks and caves and a tunnel. There were giant redwood trees around this dark secluded water and high promontories overlooking the lake that we could have clambered up - but we restrained ourselves! Then we crossed the Uckfield bypass on the bridge and took a footpath through the beautiful bluebell woods, passed an old sand pit and through glades of oak and birch trees. We crossed two streams on little wooden bridges and walked over a small field to some huge logs in the sun which were ideal for our coffee stop. We passed a pond with bulrushes and finally reached the Piltdown Gold course. After skirting around it, we came out into a field with a magnificent panoramic view of the Downs in the distance. Down the hill stood the 16th century Peacock Pub. But we did not stop. Instead we walked down towards the river and followed the road, past some pretty cottages towards a footpath on our left. We came close to the embankment of the old railway line along a muddy track and finally found ourselves crossing the busy A22 and back to our cars. The walk was led by Margaret. 




Cuckoo Trail Stroll –Wednesday 20 April 2016

Our stroll began at Coggers Cross near Horam. We walked for just under a mile down Swanbrook Lane, and then crossed fields to join the Weald Way following it through fields and copses for about another mile. We then left the Weald Way and headed across fields to Wellshurst Golf Club, taking a break at the top of a hill to enjoy marvelous views across to the South Downs. After crossing the main A267, we passed through farmland with dozens of newborn lambs and their mothers and then we joined the Cuckoo Trail. The trail was beautiful with wood anemones and bluebells galore in the woods to both sides of the path. About half a mile further on, we left the Trail again and crossed more fields before returning to Swanbrook Lane where we had started. A lovely walk of about 4 miles led by Sally, was enhanced by the warm and sunny spring weather.



Polegate – Sunday 10  April 2016



The sun shone on the 16 walkers that left Polegate train station for a five mile walk that, just like the army of the Grand Old Duke of York, marched us up to the top of the hill and marched us down again.  The hill in question was Combe Hill and its 193 metre elevation affords panoramic views over all points of the compass.  At the top, when we recovering from the climb up, members of the party noticed a large halo effect around the sun.  A smart phone referral to the wonderful Wikipedia identified it as a nimbus, icebow or gloriole.  In this case it should be more precisely termed as a 22 degree halo because this is the size of the circle around the sun.  It is caused by ice crystals suspended in the cirrus clouds some 3 to 6 miles up in the upper troposphere.  The walk back to the station took us through Willingdon, along the very busy main road and finally across country along a track that was surprisingly un-muddy.


Hilda and Graham led the party and captured this picture of the Sunbow!


Sunbow (270x480) (2)



Balsdean Valley – Easter Sunday 27 March 2016

It was Easter Sunday morning; the clocks had just gone forward, so we’d lost an hour’s sleep; it had been stormy and raining all night and though dry right now, the forecast was for a mix of gales, hail, thunder and showers, interspersed with sunny moments.  Despite this unpromising prospect, 12 intrepid walkers gathered at the Woodingdean car park for the almost 6 mile circular walk.  Although overcast, in every direction that one looked (and you can see for great distances from this spot) the skies told a different story – and we saw the sun was shining on Brighton, so our turn should come.


We set off along the grassy path winding gently along the contours of the Downs towards Standean Bottom.  For stretches, we were buffeted by the gale, its ferocity making it hard to remain upright and impossible to make oneself heard above the noise; then suddenly, turning a corner, we found ourselves in a different world, calm and quiet, in the lea of a ridge.  Then back into the gale.  Sunshine alternated with grey skies, constantly changing the light and colour of the beautiful downland landscape, evoking those marvellous Eric Ravilious paintings.


We took a short break in the valley, by the roofless farm buildings where you can sometimes see sheep being sheared.  To dispel any doubts that Spring had sprung, we were surrounded by sheep with their recently born lambs, their mothers making sure their little ones kept close to them and away from these strange intruding human creatures.


We then started the steep climb up to the South Downs Way, then turning off onto Juggs Road for the homeward stretch.  We were once again walking right into the gale, and having so far escaped the rain, now found ourselves putting up hoods as protection against first rain, then hail (those hailstones really can sting!).  Amazingly, all this did not seem to affect the skylarks who continued to soar into the sky and sing their thrilling song.


This was a walk characterised by ‘weather’ with a capital W – but nonetheless enjoyable for all that.  We arrived back at the car park, battered but happy and feeling somewhat smug at having faced the elements and won!


The walk was led by Vivien.



Newick to Sheffield Park - Tuesday 22 March 2016

Sixteen walkers enjoyed a 5.5 mile mid-week circular walk between Newick and Sheffield Park recently.  The walk started at Lane End Common that is located on the outskirts of Newick near the junction of the A275 and the road to Fletching.  We were intrigued by the small stone monument on the common that marks the line of the Greenwich Meridian.  On leaving Lane End Common the road bridge took us across the disused railway line to Sheffield Park giving good views of the deep cutting in either direction. We left the road on a track running parallel with the dismantled railway watched by two alpacas and two goats disturbing chicken and ducks as we walked by.  We continued walking towards Newick but before reaching the village centre we turned to start heading towards Sheffield Park. Eventually we reached the River Ouse where we took a refreshment break and studied the work going on to excavate one of the many disused locks. Revived we followed the Ouse to Sheffield Park Railway Station where we then turned to head back via the large Wo-Wo campsite.  Dave led an enjoyable and varied walk on a rare warm day at the end of March.



Stroll Newhaven to Seaford – Tuesday 15 March 2016

The Group has a stroll every month but our March stroll on 15th March from Newhaven to Seaford,  had to be rerouted as the footpath (which is also the final section of the Vanguard Way and Ouse Valley Walk) is closed due to demolition of the old railway bridge


So we endured rather noisy traffic for about ten minutes until we reached the tranquillity of the Nature Reserve with its easy paths and splendid views.  We continued to Tide Mills carefully crossing the railway line and on to the sea.  Then we followed the old Tide Mills railway track, past the remains of the chest hospital, on a shingly path towards Seaford.


When we did the recce several big yellow trucks were racing to and fro redistributing the beach shingle but happily this work was now finished.  We stopped off at the Yacht Club for a welcome cup of coffee.  I noticed that the lemon drizzle cake was very popular.  We reached Seaford station with two minutes to spare before the train took us back to Lewes.


Fifteen people came on the walk which was led by Janet.



Punnetts Town – Sunday 13 March 2016

On this Sunday we had a five mile walk around Punnetts Town.  As it rained a lot the previous weeks, it was very wet underfoot, but we were blessed with a perfect day for walking and all twelve of us enjoyed the Spring sunshine.


From the Village Car Park we followed the main road before turning south and taking paths that would lead us down to a stream and across fields to Willett’s Farm and Kemp’s Wood and then on to Three Cups Corner.  We then followed a bridleway/footpath due North through parkland towards Watkins Down Farmhouse. After deciding to take a road as the path from Hooksdown Farm was so muddy, we headed for the white windmill enjoying the Wealden views on the way.  We were soon making our way back to the B2096 main road and it was then only a short distance back to the Village Car Park.


This was a most enjoyable walk in an area not known to many of us and very well led by Wolfgang.



East Dean Circular - Sunday 28 February 2016

On the last Sunday in February we had to change our walk from water-logged Laughton to one of our favourite areas which we knew would be less muddy.  We started from East Dean and took the Birling Gap road to the Sheep Centre.  We then followed the path towards Birling Gap.  It was quite amazing that, on a cold and windy winter’s day, the café there was full to overflowing and we wondered what it would be like on a warm summer morning.  Suitably refreshed, we then headed for the coastal path and a cold bracing wind, before heading inland towards Crowlink and then back to East Dean where some of us enjoyed a snack at the popular Hiker’s Rest.



Stroll in Stanmer Park – Tuesday 16 February 2016

In addition to its programme of walks the Group provides a shorter stroll each month and in February this took place in Stanmer Park.


With the aid of the National Park Authority’s information sheet for the area, the stroll took in some of the licensed footpaths passing Limekiln Wood and Piddingworth Plantation whilst returning to the villager through Upper Lodge Wood and Great Wood.  Conditions underfoot were not particularly pleasant due to mud and cattle leaving some of the paths rather difficult, but the stroll was completed in 2 hours and most of the participants then had a welcome drink in the village tea room.



Wilmington Circular via Alfriston - Wednesday 10 February 2016

On this Wednesday our walk began in Wilmington. Passing through Wilmington churchyard under the branches of its ancient yew tree and past clumps of snowdrops among the headstones, our group of 21 walkers headed towards Alfriston across the fields, finding the path very muddy. We reached the banks of the Cuckmere at Long Bridge and followed the river as far as Alfriston, where a pair of swans in the flooded meadow made the perfect foreground for a view of its fine church, the ‘cathedral of the South Downs’. After a short section of road we turned left onto the track that would take us to Wilmington Hill. A steady but not too steep climb was broken for a brief coffee stop and a chance to admire the views. Eventually our path intersected the South Downs Way and from there we zigzagged downhill to end up at the foot of the Long Man. Earlier sunshine was giving way to thicker cloud as we returned to the car park.



DSCN0646 (480x360) (1)

By the Cuckmere

DSCN0650 (480x360) (1)

Cathedral of the South Downs

DSCN0653 (480x360) (1)

Coffee stop with a view

DSCN0655 (360x480) (1)

Going down


DSCN0657 (480x360) (1)

Leaving the Long Man



Plumpton - Sunday 26 January 2016

On our recent mid-week walk twelve of us took the train out to Plumpton and walked the six miles back to Lewes.  We started off through the race course, then past Ashurst organic farm and on to the agricultural college.  Thankfully the mud, which had been really deep two weeks ago during the recee, had subsided a bit. We crossed the road by the Half Moon pub and after following the path across a couple of fields took a coffee break perched on logs in a wooded area. Then we tackled the long slow climb up through the trees to Blackcap.  It had been very windy all morning but now the wind was behind us and the route was downhill so we made good time to the racing stables and back to Lewes town centre beating the rain which had been forecast, and indeed arrived, about half an hour later.  The walk was led by Janet.



Portslade  - Sunday 31 January 2016

On the last day of January, 18 hardy (or possibly foolhardy) walkers, led by Alan, started off from the Foredown Tower in Portslade in very unpromising weather – drizzle and low cloud. The tower was previously a water tower for the isolation hospital, and now houses a camera obscura. The walk led across the A27, and we then descended through New Barn Farm, which, because of its location in a valley and the large number of horses and cows that use our track, was extremely muddy. After manoeuvring our way through the mud, we gradually climbed up to the top of the Downs and enquired at the Club House of the Brighton and Hove Golf Course whether they would be willing to serve coffee to a bunch of bedraggled walkers. They kindly agreed and we took a short break to warm and refresh ourselves. Suitably revitalised, we continued through the clouds towards Devil’s Dyke, which was however completely hidden from view! Shortly before reaching the Dyke, we turned left and headed back downhill.  Suddenly the clouds lifted, the Downs and the sea came into view and our spirits lifted. The air was suddenly filled with birdsong, skylarks singing, a crow seeing off two buzzards and a kestrel flitting around. Unfortunately the end of the walk involved us retracing our steps through the muddy farmyard, but once this had been achieved, we were soon back at Foredown Tower, agreeing that it would be good to repeat the walk during the summer months, on a drier and clearer day, when the terrific views would actually be visible.



Ashdown Forest (Changed to Lewes Walk) - Sunday 17 January 2016

On Sunday we were to have a walk on the Ashdown Forest but decided, because of the weather and conditions, to save it for the Spring and, instead, Graham led an impromptu walk starting from Chapel Hill in Lewes, skirting the Golf Course and The Coombe and emerging into Mill Road before walking back to the town.  Eleven walkers enjoyed this bracing walk with wonderful views over the town.


DSCN0611 (360x480)

Hiking up the hill


DSCN0613 (480x360)

Catching our breath



DSCN0615 (480x360)

Remembering the martyrs

DSCN0618 (480x360)

The Coombe with a view









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·         Boreham Street – Sunday 18 December 2016

·         Sunrise Stroll – Wednesday 13 December 2016

·         Southease –Sunday 4 December 2016

·         Housedean to Lewes – Wednesday 30 Nov 2016

·         Lancing - Tuesday 15 Nov 2016

·         Isfield – Tuesday 8 Nov 2016

·         Clapham – Wednesday 2 Nov 2016

·         Hurstpierpoint – Sunday 23 October 2016

·         Crow and Gate to Five Ashdown– Tuesday 18 October 2016

·         Chelwood Vachery - Wednesday 12 Oct 2016

·         Peacehaven Circular – Sunday 9 Oct 2016

·         High Hurstwood – Wednesday 28 September 2016

·         Newick to North Chailey to Isfield – Tuesday 20 September 2016

·         Stroll Cuckmere Haven – Wednesday 14 September 2016

·         Evening walk with Supper Fulking – Wednesday 7 September 2016

·         Barcombe.  Favourite Walk 9 – Monday 29 August 2016

·         Goring by Sea (Change from Binstead Woods) – Tuesday 23 August 2016

·         Firle  - Alciston Favourite Walk 5– Sunday 14 August 2016

·         Laughton Circular – Tuesday 26 July 2016

·         Ripe – Wednesday 20 July 2016

·         Pyecombe – Sunday 17 July 2016

·         Ightham Mote Coach Trip – Wednesday 13 July 2016

·         Breakfast Walk Newmarket to Spring Barn – Saturday 9 July

·         Stonegate – Sunday 3 July

·         Bexhill to Hastings – Tuesday 28 June 2016

·         Rushlake Green - Sunday 19 June 2016

·         Castle Hill Nature Reserve - 12 June 2016

·         Danehill Stroll - 8 June 2016

·         Pevensey – Sunday 5 June 2016

·         Ashdown Forest Spring Hill – Sunday 22 May 2016

·         Mystery Evening Walk with Supper – Wednesday 18 May 2016

·         Southease to Lewes Stroll – Wednesday 11 May 2016

·         Uckfield Rocks & Rivers - Sunday 24 April 2016

·         Cuckoo Trail Stroll –Wednesday 20 April 2016

·         Polegate – Sunday 10  April 2016

·         Balsdean Valley – Easter Sunday 27 March 2016

·         Newick to Sheffield Park - Tuesday 22 March 2016

·         Stroll Newhaven to Seaford – Tuesday 15 March 2016

·         Punnetts Town – Sunday 13 March 2016

·         East Dean Circular - Sunday 28 February 2016

·         Stroll in Stanmer Park – Tuesday 16 February 2016

·         Wilmington Circular via Alfriston - Wednesday 10 February 2016

·         Plumpton Sunday - 26 January 2016

·         Portslade  - Sunday 31 January 2016

·         Ashdown Forest (Changed to Lewes Walk) - Sunday 17 January 2016



·         Seaford Slater Trail – Sunday 20 December 2015

·         Lancing – 6 December 2015

·         Plumpton – Sunday 22 November 2015

·         Alciston – Sunday 8 November 2015

·         Upper Beeding & Bramber Down – Sunday 25 October 2015

·         Lewes to Stanmer – Tuesday 20 October 2015

·         Jevington – Sunday 11 October 2015

·         Berwick Selmeston Ripe Chalvington – Tuesday 22 September 2015

·         Littleworth – Wednesday 9 September 2015

·         Seven Sisters & Friston Forest – Monday 31 August 2015

·         Rodmell Stroll – Tuesday 25 August 2015

·         Fulking - Wednesday 12 August 2015

·         Offham Combe – Sunday 2 August 2015

·         Hastings - Tuesday 28 July 2015

·         Ringmer to Barcombe – Saturday 18 July 2015

·         Stroll at Barcombe – Wednesday 8 July 2015

·         Hassocks - Sunday 5 July 2015

·         Arlington  – Wednesday 1 July 2015

·         Crowborough – Sunday 21 June 2015

·         Breakfast Walk Glynde to YHA South Downs – Saturday 6 June 2015

·         Battle – Wednesday 3 June 2015

·         Peacehaven to Lewes – Sunday 31 May 2015

·         Falmer to Lewes – Tuesday 19 May 2015

·         Fishersgate to Shoreham to Lancing - Sunday 10 May 2015

·         Bolney – Sunday 26 April 2015

·         Chiddingly- Monday 6 April 2015

·         Fletching – Wednesday 18 March 2015

·         Littlehampton Circular – Tuesday 3 March 2015

·         Bishopstone to Southease Youth Hostel – Sunday 8 March 2015

·         Around Clayton – Sunday 22 February 2015

·         Folkington to Jevington - Wednesday 18 February 2015

·         Stroll Newhaven to Seaford – Wednesday 11 February 2015

·         Plumpton – Sunday 8 February 2015

·         Steyning – Tuesday 3 February 2015

·         East Dean Circular – Sunday 25 January 2015

·         Pre-prandial Stroll.  Buxted – Wednesday 14 January 2015

·         Downs North of Lewes – Sunday 11 January 2015




·         St Leonards – Tuesday 16 December 2014

·         Firle to  Charleston – Wednesday 10 December 2014

·         Coleman’s Hatch -  Sunday 7 December 2014

·         Lewes Racecourse & Mount Harry – Tuesday 25 November 2014

·         Balsdean Valley – Tuesday 18 November 2014

·         Blackboys – Sunday 9 November

·         Ardingly Reservoir – Sunday 26 October

·         Plumpton – Tuesday 21 October 2014

·         Arundel to Goring - Wednesday 15 October 2014

·         North Chailey - Tuesday 16 September 2014

·         Fletching - Sunday 7 September 2014

·         Bishopstone to Alfriston - Tuesday 2 September 2014

·         Glynde - Sunday 24 August 2014

·         Ditchling Stroll - Tuesday 19 August 2014

·         Lewes to Spain (aka Saltdean) - Tuesday 19 August 2014

·         50th Anniversary Walks - Tuesday 12 August 2014

·         Ardingly - Wednesday 6 August 2014

·         Polesden Lacey - Wednesday 23 July 2014

·         Plumpton - Sunday 13 July 2014

·         Rodmell - Sunday 9 July 2014

·         Burgess Hill - Sunday 29 June 2014

·         Ovingdean & Undercliffe - Tuesday 24 June 2014

·         Stroll - Tuesday 17 June 2014

·         High Hurstwood - Sunday 15 June 2014

·         Horsted Keynes - Tuesday 27 May 2014

·         Battle of Lewes Celebration - Saturday 10 May 2014

·         1st Stroll Bramber - Tuesday 22 April 2014

·         Polegate to Berwick Station - Wednesday 16 April 2014

·         Ringmer to Barcombe Circular - Sunday 23 March 2014

·         Uckfield to Little Horstead - Wednesday 19 March 2014

·         Hadlow Down - Sunday 9 March 2014

·         Plumpton Green - Tuesday 4 March 2014

·         Horam - Sunday 23 February 2014

·         Ashdown Forest - Wednesday 19 February 2014

·         Fletching - Tuesday 4 February 2014

·         Chailey Common - Sunday 26 January 2014

·         Shortgate - Wednesday 22 January 2014

·         Pre-Prandial Stroll Stanmer - Wednesday 15 January 2014

·         Housedean to Lewes - Tuesday 7 January 2014

·         Falmer - Wednesday 1 January 2014


·         A Seaford Stroll - Sunday 15 December 2013

·         Rodmell Iford South Downs Way - Sunday 1 December 2013

·         Ashurst Wood - Tuesday 26 November 2013

·         Crowlink - Sunday 17 November 2013

·         Cooksbridge to Chailey - Wednesday 13 November 2013

·         Chiddingly - Sunday 3 November 2013

·         Rushlake Green - Tuesday 29 October 2013

·         Ipswich, Suffolk - 4 to 7 October 2013

·         High Hurstwood - Tuesday 1 October 2013

·         Lewes Circular Sunday 22 September 2013

·         Woodmancote - Wednesday 18 September 2013

·         Puttenham or Shalford to Shere - Sunday 8 September 2013

·         South Chailey to Isfield or lewes - Tuesday 3 September 2013

·         Fletching - Monday 26 August 2013

·         Rushlake Green, Warbleton, Vines Cross - Tuesday 20 August 2013

·         Rottingdean - Wednesday 11 August 2013

·         East Hoathly - Wednesday 7 August 2013

·         Jevington and Lullington Heath - Sunday 28 July 2013

·         Arundel - Wednesday 24 July 2013

·         Bury Hill or Slindon Common to East Dean - Wednesday 10 July 2013

·         Hassocks - Sunday 30 June 2013

·         Patcham to Lewes - Wednesday 26 June 2013

·         Evening Walk Lewes & Kingston - Saturday 15 June 2013

·         Buxted - Monday 27 May 2013

·         Five ash Down and Little Horsted - Sunday 19 May 2013

·         Newhaven & Piddinghoe - Wednesday 1 May 2013

·         Burwash - Monday 21 April 2013

·         Blackboys - Monday 1 April 2013

·         Lewes to Glynde or Berwick Station - Sunday 24 March 2013

·         Springtime at Wakehurst - Tuesday 19 March 2013

·         Holtye - Sunday 10 March 2013

·         Cuckfield - Wednesday 6 March 2013

·         Rushlake Green - Sunday 24 February 2013

·         Cuckmere Valley - Tuesday 19 February 2013

·         Firle - Sunday 10 February 2013

·         Lewes - Wednesday 6 February 2013

·         Ashdown Forest - Sunday 27 January 2013

·         Stanmer Park - Tuesday 16 January 2013

·         Brighton-Rottingdean-Lewes - Sunday 13 January 2013

·         Withyham - Wednesday 9 January 2013


·         Malling Hill & The Combe - Wednesday 26 December 2012

·         Ardingly & Balcombe - Wednesday 12 December 2012

·         Laughton - Sunday 2 December 2012

·         Chelwood Gate - Wednesday 27 November 2012

·         Ditchling - Wednesday 18 November 2012

·         Findon and Chanctonbury Ring - Wednesday 14 November 2012

·         Hartfield & Pooh Bridge - Sunday 4 November 2012

·         Waldron - Sunday 21 October 2012

·         Alfriston & Wilmington - Sunday 7 October 2012

·         The Weald around Newick - Tuesday 2 October 2012

·         Lewes to A27, Housedean - Sunday 23 September 2012

·         Broad Oak, Heathfield - Wednesday 19 September 2012

·         Sandwich to St Margaret's Bay and Walmer Castle - Sunday 9 September 2012

·         Bishopstone - Tuesday 4 September 2012

·         Firle - Monday 27 August 2012

·         The Plumpton Path - Wednesday 22 August 2012

·         East Hoathly - Sunday 19 August 2012

·         Evening Walk Arlington Resevoir & Supper - Tuesday 7 August 2012

·         Ditchling Beacon - Sunday 29 July 2012

·         Three Oaks to Winchelsea - Wednesday 25 July 2012

·         Around Beachy Head - Sunday 14 July 2012

·         Sissinghurst Castle - Tuesday 10 July 2012

·         Figure of 8: Steyning am Bramber pm - Sunday 1 July 2012

·         Evening Walk Lewes to Mount Caburn to Lewes - Tuesday 26 June 2012

·         Eridge - Sunday 17 June 2012

·         Amberley - Wednesday 13 June 2012

·         Chailey Breakfast Walk - Saturday 2 June 2012

·         Devils Dyke - Sunday 20 May 2012

·         Gun Hill - Wednesday 16 May 2012

·         Isfield - Monday 7 May 2012

·         Pevensey Castle & Rickney - Tuesday 1 May 2012

·         Hadlow Down - Sunday 22 April 2012

·         Upper Dicker - Wednesday 18 April 2012

·         Horndean to East or West Meon - Sunday 15 April 2012

·         Wivelsfield Green - Monday 9 April 2012

·         Falmer to Rottingdean - Tuesday 3 April 2012

·         Vines Cross - Sunday 25 March 2012

·         Crowborough to Eridge Station - Wednesday 21 March 2012

·         Berwick Figure of Eight - Sunday 11 March 2012

·         Alfriston - Tuesday 6 March 2012

·         Hellingly - Sunday 26 February 2012

·         Newhaven to Peacehaven to Piddinghoe to Newhaven - Wednesday 22 February 2012

·         Horam - Sunday 12 February 2012

·         Crosspost/Bolney - Tuesday 7 February 2012

·         Balsdean (Walk 4) - Sunday 29 January 2012

·         Horstead Keynes - Sunday 15 January 2012

·         Around Ditchling Beacon - Sunday 1 January 2012


·         Plumpton - Wednesday 7 December 2011

·         Steyning - Sunday 27 November 2011

·         Berwick to Polegate (Changed to Southease) - Tuesday 22 November 2011

·         Kingston - Sunday 13 November 2011

·         Fletching - Wednesday 18 November 2011

·         Fulking - Sunday 30 October 2011

·         Wicklands, Shortgate, Roes Hill, Isfield - Tuesday 25 October 2011

·         Harvest Moon Walk - Saturday 15 October 2011

·         Christ's Hospital and Itchingfield - Wednesday 12 October 2011

·         Nutley & Sheffield Forest - Sunday 2 October 2011

·         Newhaven to Alfriston - Wednesday 28 September 2011

·         Wivelsfield - Sunday 18 September 2011

·         Groombridge - Tuesday 13 September 2011

·         Cranbrook & Iden Green to Tenterden - Sunday 4 September 2011

·         Etchingham - Monday 29 August 2011

·         Ashdown Forest - Sunday 21 August 2011

·         Pulborough to Amberley - Tuesday 16 August 2011

·         Laughton - Sunday 7 August 2011

·         Litlington - Wednesday 3 August 2011

·         Barcombe - Tuesday 19 July 2011

·         Petworth and Canal Cruise - Wednesday 13 July 2011

·         Berwick - Saturday 9 July 2011

·         West St Leonards to Crowhurst - Wednesday 6 July 2011

·         Chailey Common with Supper - Tuesday 21 June 2011

·         West Hoathly - Sunday 12 June 2011

·         Early Morning Walk Around Ditchling - Wednesday 8 June 2011

·         Magham Down and Pevensey Levels - Wednesday 25 May 2011

·         Danehill - Sunday 15 May 2011

·         Patching - Tuesday 10 May 2011

·         Clayton - Monday 2 May 2011

·         Rodmell, Northease & Southese - Sunday 22 April 2011

·         Holmbury St Mary to Winkworth - Sunday 17 April 2011

·         Barcombe Cross, South Chailey Circular - Tuesday 12 April 2011

·         Gun Hill, Chiddingly - Sunday 3 April 2011

·         Bramber & Steyning - Wednesday 30 March 2011

·         Wineham - Sunday 20 March 2011

·         Hever to Cowden - Tuesday 15 March 2011

·         Newick to Isfield Half Way House - Wednesday 2 March 2011

·         Ringmer to Lewes - Sunday 20 February 2011

·         Ouse Valley Viaduct - Tuesday 15 February 2011

·         Asdown Forest - Sunday 6 February 2011

·         Jevington - Sunday 23 January 2011

·         Plumpton - Tuesday 18 January 2011

·         Crowlink - Sunday 9 January 2011

·         Wintry Walks - Christmas to New Year



·         Lewes to Ringmer in the Snow - Tuesday 21 December 2010

·         Around Ditchling - Wednesday 8 December 2010

·         Devil's Dyke - Sunday 28 November 2010

·         South Chailey to Ditchling - Tuesday 23 November 2010

·         East of Alfriston - Sunday 14 November 2010

·         Firle Beacon - Wednesday 10 November 2010

·         Waldron Woodland Wander - Sunday 31 October 2010

·         Horsham Riverside Walk - Tuesday 26 October 2010

·         Going Cuckoo in Hailsham - Sunday 17 October 2010

·         North of Mile Oak - Wednesday 13 October 2010

·         Folkington - Tuesday 28 September 2010

·         Uckfield - Sunday 19 September 2010

·         Norman's Bay - Wednesday 15 September 2010

·         Titchfield to Swanwick and Sarisbury - Sunday 5 September 2010

·         Ripe - Wednesday 18 August 2010

·         Lancing - Sunday 8 August 2010

·         Hellingly - Tueday 3 August 2010

·         Lanes & Twittens of Lewes - Sunday 25 July 2010

·         Around Rye - Tuesday 20 July 2010

·         Ditchling Common - Saturday 10 July 2010

·         Kingston - Wednesday 27 June 2010

·         Lewes to Stanmer Park - Wednesday 23 June 2010

·         Clayton - Sunday 13 June 2010

·         Mount Harry Circular and Supper - Tueday 8 June 2010

·         Breakfast Walk - Saturday 29 May 2010

·         Fletching - Sunday 16 May 2010

·         Charleston Circular - Tuesday 11 May 2010

·         Caterham to Limpsfield Chart and Crockham Hill - Sunday 18 April 2010

·         East Hoathly - Tuesday 13 April 2010

·         Low Weald between Burgess Hill and Hassocks - Easter Monday 5 April 2010

·         Jevington to Wannock Circular - Wednesday 24 March 2010

·         Fernhurst (All Day) - Sunday 21 March 2010

·         Alfriston - Wednesday 10 March 2010

·         Weir Wood Reservoir - Sunday 7 March 2010

·         Barcombe Cross - Wednesday 24 February 2010

·         Warninglid - Sunday 21 February 2010

·         Newhaven - Tuesday 9 February 2010

·         Arlington Reservoir - Wednesday 27 January 2010

·         Shoreham - Sunday 24 January 2010

·         Lewes - Wednesday 13 January 2010


·         River & Downs North of Lewes - Saturday 26 December 2009

·         Ashdown Forest - Sunday 13 December 2009

·         Seaford to Exceat - Tuesday 8 December 2009

·         Kingston - Sunday 29 November 2009

·         Tidebrook, Mayfield - Wednesday 25 November 2009

·         Catsfield and Battle - Sunday 15 November 2009

·         East of Nutley - Wednesday 11 November 2009

·         Balcombe to Haywards Heath - Tuesday 27 October 2009

·         Crowlink and Belle Toute - Sunday 18 October 2009

·         Autumn Tints: Burwash Common - Wednesday 14 October 2009

·         Harvest Moon Walk: Housedean to Black Cap to Lewes - Sunday 3 October 2009

·         Lewes, Ashcombe, and Blackcap - Sunday 20 September 2009

·         River Thames Marlow and Maidenhead to Windsor - Sunday 6 September 2009

·         Horstead to Five Ash Down - Sunday 23 August 2009

·         Devil's Dyke to Mile Oak - Wednesday 19 August 2009

·         Ansty - Sunday 9 August 2009

·         Barcombe Walk & Supper - Tuesday 4 August 2009

·         Berwick to Glynde - Sunday 26 July 2009

·         Fairwarp - Wednesday 22 July 2009

·         Coach Outing Cartwell & Emmetts Garden - Wednesday 8 July 2009

·         Stonegate - Wednesday 24 June 2009

·         Breakfast Walk: Housedean to Lewes - Saturday 13 June 2009

·         Nutley to Sheffield Forest - Monday 25 May 2009

·         Waldron - Sunday 17 May 2009

·         Chailey to Isfield - Wednesday 13 May 2009

·         Stour Valley Walks - Sunday 3 May 2009

·         Blackboys - Sunday 19 April 2009

·         Plumpton - Sunday 5 April 2009

·         Balcombe to Haywards Heath AKA: Lewes, Southease, South Downs, Glynde - Tuesday 31 March 2009

·         Hadlow Down - Woods and Pastures - Sunday 22 March 2009

·         Pycombe - Wednesday 18 March 2009

·         High Hurstwood - Sunday 8 March 2009

·         Around Cuckfield - Sunday 22 February 2009

·         Uckfield to Newick - Wednesday 18 February 2009

·         Lewes and Kingston Circular: Walk 5 - Sunday 25 January 2009

·         Devils Dyke - Wednesday 21 January 2009

·         Ashdown Forest followed by New Year Lunch - Wednesday 14 January 2009

·         Ringmer to Mt Caburn back to Lewes - Sunday 11 January 2009


·         Around Henfield - Sunday 14 December 2008

·         Autumn Tints Woolbeding - Sunday 2 November 2008

·         Wivelsfield to Plumpton Green - Tuesday 28th October 2008

·         Horstead Keynes - Sunday 19 October 2008

·         Chiddingly - Wednesday 15 October 2008

·         Around Scaynes Hill - Wednesday 17 September 2008

·         Test Valley Coach Ounting - Sunday 7 September 2008

·         Rodmell Bank Hoiliday - Monday 25 August 2008

·         Arlington Including Reservoir - Wednesday 20 August 2008

·         Ashdown Forest - Sunday 10 August 2008

·         Balsdean Valley - Tuesday 5 August July 2008

·         Firle Evening Walk - Saturday 26 July 2008

·         Forest Row to Hartfield - Wednesday 23 July 2008

·         Wiston - Sunday 13 July 2008

·         Alfriston - Sunday 29 June 2008

·         The Breakfast Walk - Wednesday 25 June 2008

·         Bolney - Sunday 15 June 2008

·         Kings Standing and Ashdown Forest - Sunday 1 June 2008

·         Bishopstone to Lewes - Sunday 18 May 2008

·         Small Dole and Fulking - Wednesday 14 May 2008

·         Medway Valley - Sunday 4 May 2008

·         Ringmer Circular - Wednesday 30 April 2008

·         Partridge Green - Sunday 20 April 2008

·         Lewes to Falmer - Wednesday 16 April 2008

·         Greenwich Meridian Trail. - 6th to 12th April, 2008

·         Ditchling and Lower Standean - Tuesday 1 April 2008

·         West of Steyning - Monday 24 March 2008

·         Albourne Meander - Sunday 9 March 2008

·         Newick Circular - Tuesday 4 March 2008

·         Tilgate Forest - Wednesday 20 February 2008

·         Chiddingley - Wednesday 23 January 2008

·         Ditchling - wednesday 16 January 2008

WALK REPORTS for 2007 and before

·         Stanmer - Wednesday 26 December 2007

·         Rodmell - Wednesday 12 December 2007

·         Kingston - Tuesday 27 November 2007

·         Walks in 2007 and before. Individual reports are not indexed.


·         Ouse Valley in 2006.

·         Vanguard Way from Croydon to Newhaven in 2005.

·         South Downs Way from Eastbourne to Winchester in 2003 and 2004




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