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Seaford Slater Trail – Sunday 20 December 2015

19 participants, led by Alan, walked around the Slater Trail near Seaford. A leaflet, obtainable from Tourist offices, describes it as; “A circular walk through landscape which inspired the artist Eric Slater (1896-1963), who lived for most of his life in Seaford.” The views depicted in several of his prints and woodcuts have not changed much in the intervening 80 or so years. We started at Splash Point and clambered up Seaford Head in mild but mainly overcast weather, with the sun trying to show its face from time to time, and a strong wind near to the cliff edge. Walking along the top, we had the iconic view of the Seven Sisters ahead of us for a mile or so, before turning inland to South Hill Barn and down to the Coastguard Cottages by Cuckmere Haven, with lovely views of the meanders in the Cuckmere valley en route. We stopped near the cottages for our coffee break and also inspected the moving memorial to a group of Canadian soldiers who were camped there during WWII, against the advice of a local soldier. As he had feared, the German Messerschmidts came up the valley and bombed the camp, with no survivors. From Cuckmere Haven, we walked upstream along the Cuckmere Valley, where large flocks of different species of gulls, Canada geese and various ducks were over-wintering. Just before reaching the A259, we turned away from the valley, climbing gently at first and then a bit more steeply till we reached South Hill Barn again. We returned by a different route, skirting Seaford Head Golf Course, before descending again to our starting point, with extensive views of the Seaford and Newhaven coastlines. We felt that we’d deserved our lunch after the 5.7 mile walk.



Lancing – Sunday 6 December 2015

Our walk started from Lancing Ring Nature Reserve. This was a wonderful walk enjoyed by all although the weather meant that only 8 of us ventured forth.


From the Reserve, we were soon climbing the steep footpath to Steep Down and on arriving at the hill top trig point we had the chance to look around a broad landscape of glinting sea and cliffs and fold upon fold of rolling downland. We continued on towards Coombe Head.  At the lower end of the coombe is the charming hamlet of Coombes and its church in a field.  We descended into Cowbottom to arrive at Cowbottom Hovel - a high walled animal enclosure in the past.


We were soon heading back to the top of Lancing Hill and then the Nature Reserve.  It was a delightful walk enjoyed by all as well as about one hundred runners running for Charity.



Plumpton – Sunday 22 November 2015

We had good weather on this walk when we had a ramble around Plumpton. This walk was led by Clare and took us from The Half Moon pub, past the Agricultural college and Ashurst Farm from where originates the wonderful organic vegetables which many of us enjoy.


After reaching Plumpton Lane, we took a path which took us to East Chiltington Church where we had a coffee break in warm sunshine. Continuing along lovely country paths and skirting Novington Manor we were all too soon re-crossing Plumpton Lane again and then back through the garden of the Half Moon from whence we started.



Upper BeedingBramber Down – Sunday 25 October 2015

18 walkers, led by Alan, set off from Upper Beeding for a downland walk in beautiful autumnal sunshine. We went along the South Downs Way, crossing the Adur, catching a glimpse of the lovely little St Botolph’s Church and walking through the hamlet of Annington before reaching open countryside. The gentle climb up the Downs passed through a large free range piggery with several hundred pigs snuffling and munching contentedly, each group having their own enclosure and Nissen hut. Eventually we reached the top of the Downs and turning right, took advantage of two benches with spectacular views of the Adur valley and the Weald to have our coffee break. We descended via a small section of the Monarch’s Way, the 650-mile circuitous route from Worcester to Shoreham taken by Charles II, attempting to escape from Cromwell’s army in 1651. This took us back down eventually to the back-streets of Bramber. From there, having taken our life into our hands crossing the very busy A293, we walked along the Downs Link back to the starting point.



Lewes to Stanmer – Tuesday 20 October 2015

This Tuesday walk which was led by Janet was blessed with warm autumn sunshine.  The route followed the escarpment of the downs to the west of Lewes then turned south through fields and woods to Stanmer village.  We shed our coats as we climbed the flinty track from Spital Road and past the racing stables to our coffee stop below Blackcap.  Then we joined the South Downs Way for a while and shortly after passing a wide track coming up from Plumpton turned left through a gate towards Streathill Farm.  We enjoyed our picnic there on a grassy verge in the sunshine with glorious views.  After passing through a field full of docile cows we continued on grassy tracks and woods downhill all the way to Stanmer village where we enjoyed a cup of tea in the little cafe before catching the bus back to Lewes.  Fourteen of us took part on the walk.


DSCN0505 (480x360)

Encounter of the horsey kind

DSCN0508 (480x360)

Ready for

DSCN0513 (480x360)

Lift off

DSCN0520 (360x480)

Autumn leaves



Jevington – Sunday 11 October 2015

On Sunday we enjoyed the first walk on our new Autumn/Winter programme which started at the lovely village of Jevington, of Banoffee Pie fame!  We enjoyed a 5 mile walk led by Keith which took us up to Butt’s Brow where we enjoyed the wonderful views of Eastbourne and the Weald before walking down the lovely stretch of downland which took us back to the village.  23 people enjoyed this exhilarating walk.



Berwick Selmeston Ripe Chalvington – Tuesday 22 September 2015

Starting from Arlington Reservoir our walk linked the villages of Berwick, Selmeston, Ripe and Chalvington. The going was difficult in places due to the mud and deep puddles following recent heavy rain. To make matters worse we suffered from heavy rain for most of the walk.


We took the road from the Reservoir to Berwick Station where we turned onto the Vanguard Way towards Selmeston. Being on a ridge this path was well drained and on a good day has fine views of the Downs. There were plenty of rabbits about and we had to avoid the many holes they had dug on the path. Some of us enjoyed the blackberries growing in large numbers beside the path.


Near Selmeston Church we entered the first of many fields on our route to Ripe. At the first field boundary we were forced with great difficulty to get under a broken stile onto a footbridge over a swollen stream. Great care was needed where the footpath crossed the railway line with trains passing fairly frequently. We soon encountered yet another hazard when we had to persuade some cows to get off a footbridge and let us through.


We took a short refreshment break in a small copse sheltered from the rain before battling our way across three more large muddy fields that had been recently ploughed. After helping each other over a difficult wobbly stile we emerged onto Langtye Lane and took the path to Ripe Church. Next we crossed fields used to grow turf to arrive at Chalvington Church.


There were more large puddles on the final leg which took us back to Arlington Reservoir. Despite the weather and difficult conditions under foot everyone enjoyed the walk that was led by Dave.



Littleworth – Wednesday 9 September 2015

This walk ventured into West Sussex and the Downslink path.  This was formed by West Sussed County Council on the trackbed of the old railway line between Shoreham and Horsham.  Starting at the former West Grinstead station where there is a handy car park the walk proceeded south until it was in the vicinity of Littleworth at Chuck’s farm.  After traversing two fields of cows and turning north, a coffee stop was made in the vicinity of Moon Wood.  After crossing the A272 the walk went through a field of horses to Smallham farm and then back to the Downslink north of the former West Grinstead station.  Robert led the walk.



Seven Sisters & Friston Forest – Monday 31 August 2015

The weather forecast was not good but we set off from North Street car park on Bank Holiday Monday to drive to the Seven Sisters car park near Exceat . We followed the concrete track alongside the meandering Cuckmere until we reached the sign to the South Downs Way. This is where the real climb begins up to Cliff Top. At the top, we enjoyed a panoramic view of the estuary behind us, the calm, sparkling sea on our right and the remaining “sisters” rising ahead of us.


As we walked down and up to the next “sister”, it was raining hard and we had only the briefest of coffee stops. After the third climb, we dropped down into a hollow and made our way along a grassy track towards the picturesque hamlet of Crowlink with its cluster of beautifully restored flint cottages. At the National Trust car park, we met three other members of our group who joined us as we walked along the tarmac road towards the charming Friston church.. By this time, the rain had stopped but some of us were left feeling distinctly damp!


We crossed the busy A259  and made our way into Friston forest.  Once we had skirted the  grounds of Friston Place, we followed a bridlepath towards the pretty village of Westdean and village pond. Then followed almost the hardest part of the walk, climbing up a long, steep flight of wooden steps - thankfully with a handrail on one side. At the top, we were rewarded with a glorious view of the meandering estuary of the Cuckmere River. The last challenge was climbing over a high stone stile into a field leading downwards towards the Seven Sisters Visitors centre and our car park.


Thank you to all the walkers who braved the weather to join Margaret on this 6 1/2 mile walk - which contrasts one of the most exhilarating cliff-side walks in Sussex with the gentler demands of river and forest.



Rodmell Stroll – Tuesday 25 August 2015

This Stroll was a 3 mile round trip from Rodmell. After taking the bridleway to the riverbank the walkers decided to take the tow-path southwards to Southease bridge rather than the parallel section of the Egrets Way completed last year.  A walk along the minor road to Southease and then back to Rodmell on the licensed path that avoids walking on the C7 road completed the stroll.  Instead of the traditional coffee stop the walkers were able to pick and eat blackberries at a number of locations. Fortunately the rain held off for the walk but it had started in earnest by the time the walkers came home.



Fulking - Wednesday 12 August 2015

Evening Walk with Supper

Wednesday 12 August had been rather windy and cool earlier in the day.  However, by the time the 20-strong group of walkers met up in Lewes late afternoon for the drive to Fulking, the sun had made an appearance, the temperature rose and it started to feel more like August.  Having accommodated those who needed lifts, we set off for Fulking, some 15 miles away. 


Fulking is a charming village at the foot of the Downs, with a very welcoming traditional old pub, the Shepherd and Dog.  We got there rather later than anticipated due to the exceptionally heavy rush hour traffic eastwards out of Lewes, so we agreed to reduce the length of the planned walk, to ensure that we would be back in good time for supper at the pub and well before the light started fading – gone are those long light evenings of June and July.


We set off on the narrow path leading from the pub garden up, up, up to the South Downs Way.  It is a long steep ascent, so we could justify the occasional stop to gather breath and take in the superb views northwards looking down onto Fulking and far into the distance across the Sussex Weald.  Once we reached the South Downs Way, we were again rewarded with fantastic views in the opposite direction, of Shoreham, Brighton, Hove and the glistening sea.  We turned eastwards and continued for some distance through the open landscape of the South Downs Way as it meanders along the ridge of the Downs. You really feel that you are ‘on top of the world’ here – just us, sharing this beautiful place with a few other walkers, the occasional mountain-biker - and a large herd of cows.


Our return route took us back on the same track in the opposite direction (because we had shortened the walk).  After the steep descent back to Fulking, we were delighted to find that a long table had been set for us in the pub garden, where we were able to enjoy a relaxing, companionable alfresco supper. 


The walk was led by Vivien.



Offham Combe – Sunday 2 August 2015

We set off up the Ouse in brilliant weather and looked at the remains of the Offham cliff lift.  We then visited the open access land at Offham Coombe and took refreshments on the site of the conservation Battle of Offham Coombe before returning to Lewes via the racecourse.



Hastings - Tuesday 28 July 2015

14 footpath members set off for Ore Station for a walk round Hastings.  We saw the homes of Lucien Pissarro, Lizzie Siddal, the Duke of Wellington, Whistlers Mother, Grey Owl and other famous people we had never heard of. We saw where Dante Gabriel Rossetti did his courting and where Catherine Cookson got married.  Some of us rode on the Hastings East Cliffe Lift and the Hastings Miniature Railway. Oh, and we did a walk with far more hills than you would normally expect in four miles.


20150728_132457_resized (480x270)

20150728_134215_resized (480x270)

20150728_141755_resized (480x270)

Old Hastings

History lesson from Chris

Not quite on the train



Ringmer to Barcombe – Saturday 18 July 2015

We started from Broyle Lane in Ringmer and made our way across fields to the A26 at Clayhill.  After crossing the busy road we headed for Barcombe Mills with difficulty.  The footpaths were not maintained or properly signposted. After emerging, with luck, in Barcombe Mills car park we made our way up the river to The Anchor pub after passing numerous picnicers on the banks, bikini clad maidens and people wild swimming in the river.  We had time to enjoy refreshments in the garden of the Anchor before setting off to follow the river again and then on to Isfield Lane and the Half Way House.


After crossing the A26 again we skirted Plashett Park Woods , walked across fields and woods to  eventually reach the top of Broyle Lane . By this time we had 19 weary walkers who were very pleased to board the 28 bus whose driver very obligingly waited until we all had arrived.



Stroll at Barcombe – Wednesday 8 July 2015

The July stroll took place from Barcombe Cross over mainline well maintained footpaths even though there were several missing signs at the points where they left the public road.  From the village the group went past the Tennis Club and round to Handlye farm.   After passing through wheat fields and subsequently a pea crop the Jubilee Centre at Mill Lane was reached then on to Barcombe Church where we had a mid-morning break.  The return route to Barcombe Cross was then by the direct route from Church Road towards Mongers Farm.    Some 9 members enjoyed this stroll which was led by Robert.



Hassocks - Sunday 5 July 2015

On Sunday 5th July, seven hardy walkers braved the unexpected heavy rain on Sunday morning for a walk around Clayton and Hassocks. Having donned rain gear we set off from Clayton, admired the castellated entrance to Clayton tunnel and then went along lanes and tracks through woods and fields towards the west of Hassocks.


We proceeded up Belmont Lane and peered through the impressive iron gates of Belmont, wondering what invisible mansion was hidden within. Subsequent Googling has revealed it to be the site of Belmont School from 1904-72. The lane eventually led into Hassocks Golf Course, where a sign offering coffee for walkers in the clubhouse was too tempting to resist.


After our refreshment break, the rain had finally stopped and the temperature gradually increased. We walked across a field into woodland and emerged onto an unguarded crossing of the London-Brighton railway line. We safely traversed the line and then stood by the side to wave at a passing train – pretending that we were a somewhat elderly gathering of the Railway Children.


Shortly afterwards, we turned southwards and walked through the suburbs into the centre of Hassocks, trying to estimate when the various groups of houses had been built. We crossed the road by Hassocks station and continued south towards the Downs across pleasant scenery, eventually reaching a cluster of attractive houses on Spring Lane at the edge of Clayton. From there it was a short walk down Underhill Lane back to the car park, again admiring the houses on this road. Some of the group went into Clayton church to look at its impressive frescoes.  The walk was led by Alan.



Arlington  – Wednesday 1 July 2015

Wednesday 1st July was reportedly not only the hottest day of the year so far, but the hottest July day of the past decade (even, according to some reports, the hottest July day since records began).  So the question was whether anyone would even turn up for this walk.  But as the saying goes “mad dogs and Englishmen….” – and it was an evening walk, so not in the “midday sun”. Nevertheless, the thermometer read 34C when we foregathered at the Yew Tree Inn car park at the delightful village of Arlington.  Amazingly, it turned out to be one of the best attended evening walks ever, with 18 participants - 18 intrepid walkers, all armed with supplies of water, suntan lotion and headgear and determined to defy the heat and enjoy an evening out in the glorious Sussex countryside with a group of like-minded companions.


As luck would have it - and since the walk was planned weeks ahead, it was entirely fortuitous - the route was mostly in the shade until the last part, by which time the intensity of the heat had eased.


We set off from the village picking up a track through woodland, crossing the Cuckmere River and arriving at the Arlington Reservoir.  This was an ideal spot for our short mid-walk break, an opportunity to cool off in the shade and take some refreshment, with the lovely views across the reservoir towards the church at Arlington, close to our final destination.


We set off again, initially skirting the reservoir, then striking out across a series of fields, in which, despite the lack of rain, wheat, corn and maize were flourishing. For the last section of the walk, we joined the Wealdway, finally emerging at the churchyard of Saint Pancras, Arlington, just a short walk away from our starting point.


Everyone agreed that it had been a most enjoyable walk and, at less than 4½ miles on mainly flat and easy tracks, not too onerous for such a hot evening.  All the walkers then stayed on for an al fresco supper in the garden of the welcoming Yew Tree Inn, a delightful end to the evening.


The walk was led by Vivien.



Crowborough – Sunday 21 June 2015

Wolfgang led this walk in a very different area.  It is always amazing that our leaders find walks that are quite new to most of us.


We started from Jarvis Brook Station and the walk began by following a path that followed the railway line to Eridge.  We passed through woodland with the railway line mostly out of sight and a stream on our right and after passing two old pillboxes we turned right into the vast Hornchurch Wood.  We were soon walking on lovely Forestry tracks before emerging at Highgate Farm and then on to Rotherfield.  After passing the church we soon found our way to Dewlands Manor golf course.


The golf course can be quite busy on Sundays and signalling with golfers was essential to ensure safe passage.  Leaving the golf course safely we soon had Jarvis Brook in sight and a walk down quiet roads led us back to our starting point and the Railway Tavern Pub.  Eleven of us enjoyed this lovely walk.



Breakfast Walk Glynde to YHA South Downs – Saturday 6 June 2015

Our annual breakfast walk was also part of the Lewes Hike and Bike Festival and three (and a half) walkers came along as a result of that.  There were thirteen from the Footpaths Group.  The train ran on time and we left Glynde in lovely sunshine.  On top of the Downs the chill west wind made itself felt.  That part of the South Downs Way enjoys all round views and the clear weather allowed us to make the most of them.  On a regular basis we were passed by runners taking part in a relay along the South Downs Way, most looked exceedingly tired but some looked surprisingly fresh considering that they had just run four miles at full tilt.  At the South Downs Youth Hostel there were crowds of people connected to the event.  It was quite a party.  After our comparatively modest effort we enjoyed our ‘eat as much as you can’ breakfast in The Courtyard Café before catching the train back to Lewes.  And we still had the rest of the day to look forward to.  Hilda and Graham officiated.  Oh, the half walker?  A delightful four and a half year old who never complained of feeling tired once.



Battle – Wednesday 3 June 2015

On one of the days when the weather was sunny but not too hot for walking the Footpaths Group had a walk from Battle for its members.  Travelling by train to Battle the party had soon left the town by taking the footpath beside Telham Court and through Malthouse Wood to Telham Lane.  After a walk along this road they then made their way to Peppering Eye Farm, where the oasthouse was admired, and Millers Farm before reaching Powdermill Wood where they ate their picnic lunch.  The walk then continued along the 1066 Country Trail, around the perimeter of the Battle Abbey estate back into town where most members enjoyed tea before returning to the railway station to go back to Lewes.



Peacehaven to Lewes – Sunday 31 May 2015

Those who looked at the weather and stayed put that Sunday, missed a very good walk.  Yes the gale-force westerly wind did stop us in our tracks on occasions as we walked from the Meridian Monument, commemorating King George V, along the cliffs at Peacehaven, but it was a warm wind.  Yes it was raining, but it was very light and petered out by the time we got to Telscombe.  The rest of the eight mile walk along the Greenwich Meridian Trail from Peacehaven to Lewes was merely breezy.  Our coffee break was taken sitting outside the YHA hostel at Telscombe and our picnic was consumed in the snug confines of the porch of Iford church.  The views were nothing to write home about, thanks to the low cloud, but when we arrived back at Lewes train station, from whence we had departed some five hours earlier, the seven of us, led by Hilda and Graham, had enjoyed a thoroughly bracing day. Pictures by Graham.


DSCN2242 (360x480)

Stormy start


DSCN2243 (360x480) (1)

Stormy sea

DSCN2244 (480x360)

Forward into the fog

DSCN2246 (480x360)

Cannot see the sea


DSCN2249 (480x360)

On the line


Falmer to Lewes – Tuesday 19 May 2015

We took the bus from Lewes to Falmer on our last Tuesday walk and after leaving the village came out onto the downs with glorious views on all sides.  We enjoyed similar stunning views throughout the walk.  After following a gently climbing track for about half an hour our coffee break was taken in a convenient gateway then we carried on to Blackcap for our picnic. As light rain started up we retired to the shelter of the wooded area.  All around Blackcap the grass was covered in delightful cowslips.  The walk continued to the racing stables where we split, several people taking the metalled track down to the Offham Road.  The rest of us followed the route along Landport Bottom and down into Spital Road, taking care on the slippery chalk paths, and so back to Lewes.


Ten of us took part in the walk which was led by Janet



Fishersgate to Shoreham to Lancing - Sunday 10 May 2015

This was a walk of many different parts.  From the station at Fishersgate we walked up a straight path between houses and allotments.  The path was full of wild flowers and it made the process of escaping the outskirts of Brighton bearable.  Then we climbed onto the Downs and on top of Southwick Hill, immediately above the tunnel, we stopped for our obligatory coffee break.  The weather was dry but cloudy and the views hazy.  Striking west we arrived at Mossy Bottom Barn where the fields were full of bullocks and sheep with their lambs.  It made one feel quite hungry.  A short climb took us to the road into Shoreham that runs to the east of the River Adur.  The views here are of Lancing College, Shoreham Airport and the sea.  After crossing over the by-pass, we turned sharp right down a narrow path with a smelly Cow Parsley type plant along its entire length.  The path took us into Old Shoreham where the five morning walkers carried on into Shoreham to catch the rail replacement bus service back to Brighton.  The ten all-day walkers crossed over the Old Shoreham Toll Bridge, picnicked and carried on along the banks of the Adur.  Of considerable interest is the community of house-boats we passed, many had “house” numbers, all were connected to the mains but we did wonder what they did with their sewage.  The boats were many and varied.  There were a couple of landing crafts and a wooden mine sweeper amongst boats of all shapes and sizes.  The constructions on top of the hulls for accommodation were even more varied.  None could be described as pretty.  The last part of the walk was along the shore to Lancing.  The sun came out and the sea sparkled.  We stopped at the kiosk by the lagoon and enjoyed ice creams before finding our way to Lancing station where we also picked up the rail replacement bus service back to Brighton.  Hilda and Graham were the leaders.


DSCN2228 (480x360)

Mossy Bottom Barn

DSCN2230 (480x360)

Picnic with views of Old Shoreham and Old Shoreham Bridge


DSCN2233 (480x360)

Sensible Houseboat


DSCN2234 (480x360)

Silly Houseboat

DSCN2238 (480x360)

On the Shingle Shore


Bolney – Sunday 26 April 2015

On this ramble the Lewes Footpaths Group walk started in Bolney Village. Setting off from The Street we walked northwards across Wykehurst Park with views of the mansion in the distance. The path descended through a boggy patch, surprisingly wet despite the recent sunny weather, and continued through woodland with glorious stretches of bluebells. Reaching Jeremy’s Lane we turned left and then right into Colwood Lane. After a short distance we turned off the lane to cross the fields in the direction of Warninglid, where we stopped for our coffee break. From there we turned back southwards through Rout Farm, entertained by the antics of the lambs in the adjoining fields, then headed back to Bolney via Nailard’s Wood, passing orchards in full bloom and extensive vineyards. Despite grey skies the weather stayed dry and all enjoyed seeing the English countryside looking its springtime best.



Chiddingly - Monday 6 April 2015

Spring finally arrived on Easter Monday; the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the hedgerows burgeoning and even the Wealden mud was drying up!  No fewer than 36 walkers set off from Chiddingly Church with a spring in their step.  We had dressed for the usual chill air and dreary skies but before long we had all shed a layer or two.  This six mile walk, almost totally on public footpaths, took us east to Wellshurst Golf Club where we could have basked in the very welcome warmth for much longer than the 10 minutes allowed for our coffee break, taking in extensive views towards the Downs.  The return route was via Pick Hill and Stream Mill and we saw lambs, wild flowers in profusion, buzzards overhead, streams and woods all typical of the Low Wealden landscape.  It was a joy to return from a walk with clean boots and, despite the inevitable bottlenecks caused by 36 people negotiating rickety stiles, we all agreed that we had experienced the best that an English spring can offer.



Fletching – Wednesday 18 March 2015

16 walkers enjoyed a ramble from Fletching on a recent Wednesday morning. Our circular route of about 5.5 miles took us through fields and lanes on a bright warm sunny day. Starting from the Car Park in the centre of the village we took the footpath through the Church cemetery to open countryside. The first half of the walk generally followed a north easterly direction with little mud under foot, crossing streams over well constructed wooden bridges, but a few tricky stiles to negotiate. We took a break after about 90 minutes using a couple of stiles as seats while admiring the views and enjoying our drinks. Continuing on we admired Marshall’s Manor thinking we should investigate its history when back home. Further on we spotted a herd of deer walking beside us through someone’s garden. Opinions varied but there may have been in excess of a dozen deer that stopped and watched us watching them before disappearing. With the leader and back marker wearing high visibility vests we went in single file for a short stretch on a pathway at the side of the A22 with lorries passing close by before escaping down Picketts Lane. The gentlemen walkers took time to admire two well preserved old lorries parked up in a yard while the ladies preferred to admire the bulbs coming through. Our lane walking continued a fair way to join Down Street but with no traffic to worry about it was quite enjoyable. We eventually found our footpath which took us around Spring Wood, past the old mill house and onto the lane back to Fletching. This walk was led by Dave.



Bishopstone to Southease Youth Hostel – Sunday 8 March 2015

Eighteen of us, led by Hilda and Graham, began the half day/all day walk from Bishopstone railway station back to Lewes via the new South Downs youth hostel close to Southease station.  The route was through the villages of Bishopstone and Norton before traversing Poverty Bottom and climbing to the top of Snap Hill.  The sun was out and we were all shedding layers of clothing.  However, by the time we reached the South Downs Way by the radio towers the wind had set in and the sun had disappeared and all the layers of clothing were re-donned.  The sun was shining on the chalky fields of the Ouse valley below giving them a strange ghostly look.  Up above the entire population of skylarks were singing their little hearts out.  Lunch was taken at the excellent Courtyard Café at the youth hostel after which ten of us carried on with the second half of the walk along the bank of the river back to Lewes.  The other eight walkers chose to return to Lewes on the train from Southease.  As we arrived the sun came out again and we were entertained by the site of a large shoal of mullet congregating by the outlet of the Winterbourne stream. 

Pictures by Graham



DSCN2140 (320x240)

DSCN2145 (320x240)

Sunny start

Fishy finish



Littlehampton Circular – Tuesday 3 March 2015

From time to time the Group take a train trip into an area new to them for a walk.  This was the case when 10 members went to Littlehampton to largely follow a walk which had first been featured in “The Argus” some time ago.  Starting from the station the walkers took the opening footbridge across the River Arun and then followed the west bank of the river northward until just after the A259 road bridge. A muddy field then awaited them as they made their way westwards to Climping.  Noting the church to the north, the party then walked south to the primary school and Climping Street.  Passing some interesting properties the party were soon at Climping Beach and a welcome café where a lunch stop was made.  After lunch the party went eastwards partly along a track, partly along the beach and partly among the grass dunes, before reaching the remains of a fort at the mouth of the river Arun.  Then it was a case of following the west bank of the river back to the footbridge mentioned previously before returning to the station.  The weather had been good and few people were seen in this tranquil part of the coast.



Around Clayton – Sunday 22 February 2015

Fifteen people turned up for Wolfgang’s Clayton walk and we were promised two steep hills making up for a slightly shorter walk.   From Clayton Village Car Park we walked up the hill towards Jack and Jill windmills, where we joined the Southdown Way towards New Barn Farm, before it turned West, gently dropping down towards the A273. We enjoyed magnificent views while walking alongside Pycombe Golf Club. After crossing the A273 we headed North eventually emerging alongside Wolstonbury Hill


We took a very steep footpath down Wolstonbury Hill , fortunately  with steps making the descent a little easier.    After negotiating an exceptionally muddy path, we headed East and crossed the A273 again and followed the path alongside the Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground, until we headed South on a footpath parallel to the Brighton Main Line.  The impressive portal of Clayton Tunnel comes into view at the end of the path.  To our left we were treated to a wonderful display of snowdrops and Hellebores in a very special garden and then we were soon back to Clayton Village car park.  A walk well led by Wolfgang.



Folkington to Jevington - Wednesday 18 February 2015

In the churchyard at Folkington, where the walk began, is the grave of Elizabeth David the cookery writer who introduced continental cuisine to the British table.  From there the group of fifteen followed an old coach road, now the Wealdway, to Jevington.  The track was muddy and rutted in many places, which is probably no worse than when it was used by coaches, the roads of Sussex in the 17th and 18th centuries being notoriously awful.  In the churchyard at Jevington is the grave of Lord Shawcross and his second wife, Joan, niece of Sir Malcolm Campbell, who was an “intrepid horsewoman” and died in a riding accident in 1974.  Lord Shawcross was the chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials and the first chairman of Justice, the human rights group founded in 1957.  At the age of 95 he eloped to Gibraltar in order to marry his third wife, Susanne Huiskamp, 25 years his junior, against the wishes of his family who had obtained a court order preventing his marriage in this country.  The marriage was recognised in Gibraltar and he lived for another six years until his death in 2003.  Susanne died in 2013.  From Jevington we turned north-east and gently climbed to the top of Combe Hill.  It is but 193 metres high but the 360 degrees views over the sea, Eastbourne, Polegate, the Weald and all other points of the compass makes the climb worthwhile.  The precipitous descent tested our knees and our balance on some muddy and uneven paths.  Only one member of the party landed gracefully on their backside to the sympathetic amusement of her friends.  The walk back to the start through Wannock was pleasantly uneventful, though the last field did its muddy best to increase our height by at least an inch.  Graham and Hilda were the leaders.

Pictures by Graham.


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The Old Coach Road

On Top of the World



Stroll Newhaven to Seaford – Wednesday 11 February 2015

Janet led our last stroll and joined by seven walkers, took the train to Newhaven Harbour then walked through to the sea crossing the bridge over the old river bed where an oyster catcher was busy searching for pickings in the mud.  We followed the remnants of the old Tide Mills rail track towards Seaford passing the site of the former chest hospital and meeting quite a few people out walking or exercising their dogs on what was a dry but rather chilly morning.  We stopped at Seaford Sailing Club which has a splendid little café where we had coffee and some indulged in toasted crumpets or cake.  Then it was back on the train to Lewes.  The strolls are ideal for people who do not want a full morning walk.



Plumpton – Sunday 8 February 2015

We followed Walk 12 of the excellent series of walks published by the Plumpton Action Group on our last Sunday Walk.    Plumpton can be a notoriously muddy area to walk in but we were very fortunate to hit a relatively dry spell this winter.


The walk, starting from Plumpton Village Hall took us to the outskirts of South Chailey and then back to Plumpton via The Hooke and two delightful woods- Popjoy Wood and the magnificent Great Holme Wood before crossing farmland and then the road back to the village hall.  It was good to see some splendid hazel trees full of waving catkins but apart from a few celandines and snowdrops there were not many signs of Spring flowers emerging yet.  25 people enjoyed the walk led by Roy.



Steyning – Tuesday 3 February 2015

On a bitterly cold Tuesday morning and with snow threatened, it was amazing that 14 people turned up for the walk at Steyning.

The group of fourteen, ably led by Graham, left Steyning along the path next to Mouse Lane which skirts Wiston before reaching the track next to Chanctonbury Ring which took us up to the South Downs Way.  This track must be one of the best graded tracks of the many that climb up the north face of the South Downs.  At the top we were hardly puffed at all.  Though cold, there was no wind and walking was easy as we headed east.  The sea beyond Brighton was lit up by the sun in a gentle golden hue.  On the path back to Steyning we were rewarded by a wonderful view over the town, north to The Weald, east along The Downs and south down the valley of the River Adur.


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Margaret took this excellent photo to mark the occasion.


East Dean Circular – Sunday 25 January 2015

Our walk was ideal for a crisp Winter’s morning.  We started from East Dean Village car park and took the Birling Gap road as far as the Sheep Centre where we turned off and crossed fields until we reached the Beachy Head Road.  Here we climbed steadily until we reached Belle Tout lighthouse and admired the wonderful views of the Seven Sisters and beyond.


After an exhilarating stretch along the top of the cliffs we descended into Birling Gap where we had a chance to see the extent of the cliff falls last winter and admire the new National Trust shop before enjoying our coffee sitting in the sun.  After a stiff climb and descent of a “Sister”, we turned inland and soon picked up a downhill path back to the lovely village of East Dean. An ideal walk for a winter’s day with almost no mud.!!



Pre-prandial Stroll.  Buxted – Wednesday 14 January 2015

Our New Year’s Lunch was held on Wednesday last at the Buxted Park Hotel. Forty four members enjoyed a delicious lunch.  However, nine of us, led by Graham, our Chairman,, thought that a gentle constitutional before the group’s New Year Lunch would be a good idea.  It was a good idea but it was not exactly gentle.  At the best of times the Weald can be on the muddy side; this has not been the best of times.  Many days of rain had left the ground soggy, very soggy in places, and walking was more of a plod than a brisk stroll.  The good news was that a window of bright, clear weather opened up for us and the gentle pace allowed us to enjoy the scenery even more than usual.  From the hotel we headed south, brushed by the outskirts of Uckfield at Hempstead Farm where they have plenty of horses and even more donkeys, before crossing the railway line twice.  This involved traversing two steep set of steps down and two back up.  The first set were just a little rickety, the second were new and stoutly constructed.  We returned to the house by way of the lakes and the church.  As a way of giving us an appetite, it worked well. Pictures by Graham.



Walkers enjoying the sun

Cormorants enjoying the sun



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Downs North of Lewes – Sunday 11 January 2015

There were 18 walkers who started from  the Stanmer Village car park for the start of last Sunday’s 6 mile walk on a bright, sunny morning.  This is more than anyone could have hoped for after the dramatic deluges interspersed with the grey winter gloom of the preceding days.  Seeing blue skies and sunshine was a real treat – and it was mild too for mid January, though we knew that we were in for some strong winds as we gained height.


This was definitely a walk of two halves – up, up, up to Ditchling Beacon; then a gradual descent back to Stanmer.  The first half of the walk took us out of the village on a gently ascending path up towards the intersection with the South Downs Way.  We stopped from time to time to take in the wonderful views – a great excuse too to take a breather from our uphill exertions.


We paused for our short refreshment break at the intersection with the South Downs Way, where an outcrop of hawthorns and gorse bushes provided shelter from the prevailing winds.  We then continued for a short stretch on the South Downs Way, past Ditchling Beacon and the trig point indicating the highest point, and with wonderful views to our right of the village of Ditchling and the surrounding Weald and towards the Ashdown Forest.  We then turned off onto our return route, on an open track with magnificent views towards Falmer, Brighton and the sea.  The latter part of the walk was mainly through woodland, finally emerging above the elegant Georgian building that is Stanmer House.


Everyone agreed it had been a lovely walk, all the moreso because of the unexpected bonus of fine weather.  And despite all the rain of recent weeks, we encountered only a few seriously muddy patches, which we managed to circumvent in most cases.  The walk was led by Vivien.











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·         Seaford Slater Trail – Sunday 20 December 2015

·         Lancing – 6 December 2015

·         Plumpton – Sunday 22 November 2015

·         Alciston – Sunday 8 November 2015

·         Upper Beeding & Bramber Down – Sunday 25 October 2015

·         Lewes to Stanmer – Tuesday 20 October 2015

·         Jevington – Sunday 11 October 2015

·         Berwick Selmeston Ripe Chalvington – Tuesday 22 September 2015

·         Littleworth – Wednesday 9 September 2015

·         Seven Sisters & Friston Forest – Monday 31 August 2015

·         Rodmell Stroll – Tuesday 25 August 2015

·         Fulking - Wednesday 12 August 2015

·         Offham Combe – Sunday 2 August 2015

·         Hastings - Tuesday 28 July 2015

·         Ringmer to Barcombe – Saturday 18 July 2015

·         Stroll at Barcombe – Wednesday 8 July 2015

·         Hassocks - Sunday 5 July 2015

·         Arlington  – Wednesday 1 July 2015

·         Crowborough – Sunday 21 June 2015

·         Breakfast Walk Glynde to YHA South Downs – Saturday 6 June 2015

·         Battle – Wednesday 3 June 2015

·         Peacehaven to Lewes – Sunday 31 May 2015

·         Falmer to Lewes – Tuesday 19 May 2015

·         Fishersgate to Shoreham to Lancing - Sunday 10 May 2015

·         Bolney – Sunday 26 April 2015

·         Chiddingly- Monday 6 April 2015

·         Fletching – Wednesday 18 March 2015

·         Littlehampton Circular – Tuesday 3 March 2015

·         Bishopstone to Southease Youth Hostel – Sunday 8 March 2015

·         Around Clayton – Sunday 22 February 2015

·         Folkington to Jevington - Wednesday 18 February 2015

·         Stroll Newhaven to Seaford – Wednesday 11 February 2015

·         Plumpton – Sunday 8 February 2015

·         Steyning – Tuesday 3 February 2015

·         East Dean Circular – Sunday 25 January 2015

·         Pre-prandial Stroll.  Buxted – Wednesday 14 January 2015

·         Downs North of Lewes – Sunday 11 January 2015




·         St Leonards – Tuesday 16 December 2014

·         Firle to  Charleston – Wednesday 10 December 2014

·         Coleman’s Hatch -  Sunday 7 December 2014

·         Lewes Racecourse & Mount Harry – Tuesday 25 November 2014

·         Balsdean Valley – Tuesday 18 November 2014

·         Blackboys – Sunday 9 November

·         Ardingly Reservoir – Sunday 26 October

·         Plumpton – Tuesday 21 October 2014

·         Arundel to Goring - Wednesday 15 October 2014

·         North Chailey - Tuesday 16 September 2014

·         Fletching - Sunday 7 September 2014

·         Bishopstone to Alfriston - Tuesday 2 September 2014

·         Glynde - Sunday 24 August 2014

·         Ditchling Stroll - Tuesday 19 August 2014

·         Lewes to Spain (aka Saltdean) - Tuesday 19 August 2014

·         50th Anniversary Walks - Tuesday 12 August 2014

·         Ardingly - Wednesday 6 August 2014

·         Polesden Lacey - Wednesday 23 July 2014

·         Plumpton - Sunday 13 July 2014

·         Rodmell - Sunday 9 July 2014

·         Burgess Hill - Sunday 29 June 2014

·         Ovingdean & Undercliffe - Tuesday 24 June 2014

·         Stroll - Tuesday 17 June 2014

·         High Hurstwood - Sunday 15 June 2014

·         Horsted Keynes - Tuesday 27 May 2014

·         Battle of Lewes Celebration - Saturday 10 May 2014

·         1st Stroll Bramber - Tuesday 22 April 2014

·         Polegate to Berwick Station - Wednesday 16 April 2014

·         Ringmer to Barcombe Circular - Sunday 23 March 2014

·         Uckfield to Little Horstead - Wednesday 19 March 2014

·         Hadlow Down - Sunday 9 March 2014

·         Plumpton Green - Tuesday 4 March 2014

·         Horam - Sunday 23 February 2014

·         Ashdown Forest - Wednesday 19 February 2014

·         Fletching - Tuesday 4 February 2014

·         Chailey Common - Sunday 26 January 2014

·         Shortgate - Wednesday 22 January 2014

·         Pre-Prandial Stroll Stanmer - Wednesday 15 January 2014

·         Housedean to Lewes - Tuesday 7 January 2014

·         Falmer - Wednesday 1 January 2014


·         A Seaford Stroll - Sunday 15 December 2013

·         Rodmell Iford South Downs Way - Sunday 1 December 2013

·         Ashurst Wood - Tuesday 26 November 2013

·         Crowlink - Sunday 17 November 2013

·         Cooksbridge to Chailey - Wednesday 13 November 2013

·         Chiddingly - Sunday 3 November 2013

·         Rushlake Green - Tuesday 29 October 2013

·         Ipswich, Suffolk - 4 to 7 October 2013

·         High Hurstwood - Tuesday 1 October 2013

·         Lewes Circular Sunday 22 September 2013

·         Woodmancote - Wednesday 18 September 2013

·         Puttenham or Shalford to Shere - Sunday 8 September 2013

·         South Chailey to Isfield or lewes - Tuesday 3 September 2013

·         Fletching - Monday 26 August 2013

·         Rushlake Green, Warbleton, Vines Cross - Tuesday 20 August 2013

·         Rottingdean - Wednesday 11 August 2013

·         East Hoathly - Wednesday 7 August 2013

·         Jevington and Lullington Heath - Sunday 28 July 2013

·         Arundel - Wednesday 24 July 2013

·         Bury Hill or Slindon Common to East Dean - Wednesday 10 July 2013

·         Hassocks - Sunday 30 June 2013

·         Patcham to Lewes - Wednesday 26 June 2013

·         Evening Walk Lewes & Kingston - Saturday 15 June 2013

·         Buxted - Monday 27 May 2013

·         Five ash Down and Little Horsted - Sunday 19 May 2013

·         Newhaven & Piddinghoe - Wednesday 1 May 2013

·         Burwash - Monday 21 April 2013

·         Blackboys - Monday 1 April 2013

·         Lewes to Glynde or Berwick Station - Sunday 24 March 2013

·         Springtime at Wakehurst - Tuesday 19 March 2013

·         Holtye - Sunday 10 March 2013

·         Cuckfield - Wednesday 6 March 2013

·         Rushlake Green - Sunday 24 February 2013

·         Cuckmere Valley - Tuesday 19 February 2013

·         Firle - Sunday 10 February 2013

·         Lewes - Wednesday 6 February 2013

·         Ashdown Forest - Sunday 27 January 2013

·         Stanmer Park - Tuesday 16 January 2013

·         Brighton-Rottingdean-Lewes - Sunday 13 January 2013

·         Withyham - Wednesday 9 January 2013


·         Malling Hill & The Combe - Wednesday 26 December 2012

·         Ardingly & Balcombe - Wednesday 12 December 2012

·         Laughton - Sunday 2 December 2012

·         Chelwood Gate - Wednesday 27 November 2012

·         Ditchling - Wednesday 18 November 2012

·         Findon and Chanctonbury Ring - Wednesday 14 November 2012

·         Hartfield & Pooh Bridge - Sunday 4 November 2012

·         Waldron - Sunday 21 October 2012

·         Alfriston & Wilmington - Sunday 7 October 2012

·         The Weald around Newick - Tuesday 2 October 2012

·         Lewes to A27, Housedean - Sunday 23 September 2012

·         Broad Oak, Heathfield - Wednesday 19 September 2012

·         Sandwich to St Margaret's Bay and Walmer Castle - Sunday 9 September 2012

·         Bishopstone - Tuesday 4 September 2012

·         Firle - Monday 27 August 2012

·         The Plumpton Path - Wednesday 22 August 2012

·         East Hoathly - Sunday 19 August 2012

·         Evening Walk Arlington Resevoir & Supper - Tuesday 7 August 2012

·         Ditchling Beacon - Sunday 29 July 2012

·         Three Oaks to Winchelsea - Wednesday 25 July 2012

·         Around Beachy Head - Sunday 14 July 2012

·         Sissinghurst Castle - Tuesday 10 July 2012

·         Figure of 8: Steyning am Bramber pm - Sunday 1 July 2012

·         Evening Walk Lewes to Mount Caburn to Lewes - Tuesday 26 June 2012

·         Eridge - Sunday 17 June 2012

·         Amberley - Wednesday 13 June 2012

·         Chailey Breakfast Walk - Saturday 2 June 2012

·         Devils Dyke - Sunday 20 May 2012

·         Gun Hill - Wednesday 16 May 2012

·         Isfield - Monday 7 May 2012

·         Pevensey Castle & Rickney - Tuesday 1 May 2012

·         Hadlow Down - Sunday 22 April 2012

·         Upper Dicker - Wednesday 18 April 2012

·         Horndean to East or West Meon - Sunday 15 April 2012

·         Wivelsfield Green - Monday 9 April 2012

·         Falmer to Rottingdean - Tuesday 3 April 2012

·         Vines Cross - Sunday 25 March 2012

·         Crowborough to Eridge Station - Wednesday 21 March 2012

·         Berwick Figure of Eight - Sunday 11 March 2012

·         Alfriston - Tuesday 6 March 2012

·         Hellingly - Sunday 26 February 2012

·         Newhaven to Peacehaven to Piddinghoe to Newhaven - Wednesday 22 February 2012

·         Horam - Sunday 12 February 2012

·         Crosspost/Bolney - Tuesday 7 February 2012

·         Balsdean (Walk 4) - Sunday 29 January 2012

·         Horstead Keynes - Sunday 15 January 2012

·         Around Ditchling Beacon - Sunday 1 January 2012


·         Plumpton - Wednesday 7 December 2011

·         Steyning - Sunday 27 November 2011

·         Berwick to Polegate (Changed to Southease) - Tuesday 22 November 2011

·         Kingston - Sunday 13 November 2011

·         Fletching - Wednesday 18 November 2011

·         Fulking - Sunday 30 October 2011

·         Wicklands, Shortgate, Roes Hill, Isfield - Tuesday 25 October 2011

·         Harvest Moon Walk - Saturday 15 October 2011

·         Christ's Hospital and Itchingfield - Wednesday 12 October 2011

·         Nutley & Sheffield Forest - Sunday 2 October 2011

·         Newhaven to Alfriston - Wednesday 28 September 2011

·         Wivelsfield - Sunday 18 September 2011

·         Groombridge - Tuesday 13 September 2011

·         Cranbrook & Iden Green to Tenterden - Sunday 4 September 2011

·         Etchingham - Monday 29 August 2011

·         Ashdown Forest - Sunday 21 August 2011

·         Pulborough to Amberley - Tuesday 16 August 2011

·         Laughton - Sunday 7 August 2011

·         Litlington - Wednesday 3 August 2011

·         Barcombe - Tuesday 19 July 2011

·         Petworth and Canal Cruise - Wednesday 13 July 2011

·         Berwick - Saturday 9 July 2011

·         West St Leonards to Crowhurst - Wednesday 6 July 2011

·         Chailey Common with Supper - Tuesday 21 June 2011

·         West Hoathly - Sunday 12 June 2011

·         Early Morning Walk Around Ditchling - Wednesday 8 June 2011

·         Magham Down and Pevensey Levels - Wednesday 25 May 2011

·         Danehill - Sunday 15 May 2011

·         Patching - Tuesday 10 May 2011

·         Clayton - Monday 2 May 2011

·         Rodmell, Northease & Southese - Sunday 22 April 2011

·         Holmbury St Mary to Winkworth - Sunday 17 April 2011

·         Barcombe Cross, South Chailey Circular - Tuesday 12 April 2011

·         Gun Hill, Chiddingly - Sunday 3 April 2011

·         Bramber & Steyning - Wednesday 30 March 2011

·         Wineham - Sunday 20 March 2011

·         Hever to Cowden - Tuesday 15 March 2011

·         Newick to Isfield Half Way House - Wednesday 2 March 2011

·         Ringmer to Lewes - Sunday 20 February 2011

·         Ouse Valley Viaduct - Tuesday 15 February 2011

·         Asdown Forest - Sunday 6 February 2011

·         Jevington - Sunday 23 January 2011

·         Plumpton - Tuesday 18 January 2011

·         Crowlink - Sunday 9 January 2011

·         Wintry Walks - Christmas to New Year



·         Lewes to Ringmer in the Snow - Tuesday 21 December 2010

·         Around Ditchling - Wednesday 8 December 2010

·         Devil's Dyke - Sunday 28 November 2010

·         South Chailey to Ditchling - Tuesday 23 November 2010

·         East of Alfriston - Sunday 14 November 2010

·         Firle Beacon - Wednesday 10 November 2010

·         Waldron Woodland Wander - Sunday 31 October 2010

·         Horsham Riverside Walk - Tuesday 26 October 2010

·         Going Cuckoo in Hailsham - Sunday 17 October 2010

·         North of Mile Oak - Wednesday 13 October 2010

·         Folkington - Tuesday 28 September 2010

·         Uckfield - Sunday 19 September 2010

·         Norman's Bay - Wednesday 15 September 2010

·         Titchfield to Swanwick and Sarisbury - Sunday 5 September 2010

·         Ripe - Wednesday 18 August 2010

·         Lancing - Sunday 8 August 2010

·         Hellingly - Tueday 3 August 2010

·         Lanes & Twittens of Lewes - Sunday 25 July 2010

·         Around Rye - Tuesday 20 July 2010

·         Ditchling Common - Saturday 10 July 2010

·         Kingston - Wednesday 27 June 2010

·         Lewes to Stanmer Park - Wednesday 23 June 2010

·         Clayton - Sunday 13 June 2010

·         Mount Harry Circular and Supper - Tueday 8 June 2010

·         Breakfast Walk - Saturday 29 May 2010

·         Fletching - Sunday 16 May 2010

·         Charleston Circular - Tuesday 11 May 2010

·         Caterham to Limpsfield Chart and Crockham Hill - Sunday 18 April 2010

·         East Hoathly - Tuesday 13 April 2010

·         Low Weald between Burgess Hill and Hassocks - Easter Monday 5 April 2010

·         Jevington to Wannock Circular - Wednesday 24 March 2010

·         Fernhurst (All Day) - Sunday 21 March 2010

·         Alfriston - Wednesday 10 March 2010

·         Weir Wood Reservoir - Sunday 7 March 2010

·         Barcombe Cross - Wednesday 24 February 2010

·         Warninglid - Sunday 21 February 2010

·         Newhaven - Tuesday 9 February 2010

·         Arlington Reservoir - Wednesday 27 January 2010

·         Shoreham - Sunday 24 January 2010

·         Lewes - Wednesday 13 January 2010


·         River & Downs North of Lewes - Saturday 26 December 2009

·         Ashdown Forest - Sunday 13 December 2009

·         Seaford to Exceat - Tuesday 8 December 2009

·         Kingston - Sunday 29 November 2009

·         Tidebrook, Mayfield - Wednesday 25 November 2009

·         Catsfield and Battle - Sunday 15 November 2009

·         East of Nutley - Wednesday 11 November 2009

·         Balcombe to Haywards Heath - Tuesday 27 October 2009

·         Crowlink and Belle Toute - Sunday 18 October 2009

·         Autumn Tints: Burwash Common - Wednesday 14 October 2009

·         Harvest Moon Walk: Housedean to Black Cap to Lewes - Sunday 3 October 2009

·         Lewes, Ashcombe, and Blackcap - Sunday 20 September 2009

·         River Thames Marlow and Maidenhead to Windsor - Sunday 6 September 2009

·         Horstead to Five Ash Down - Sunday 23 August 2009

·         Devil's Dyke to Mile Oak - Wednesday 19 August 2009

·         Ansty - Sunday 9 August 2009

·         Barcombe Walk & Supper - Tuesday 4 August 2009

·         Berwick to Glynde - Sunday 26 July 2009

·         Fairwarp - Wednesday 22 July 2009

·         Coach Outing Cartwell & Emmetts Garden - Wednesday 8 July 2009

·         Stonegate - Wednesday 24 June 2009

·         Breakfast Walk: Housedean to Lewes - Saturday 13 June 2009

·         Nutley to Sheffield Forest - Monday 25 May 2009

·         Waldron - Sunday 17 May 2009

·         Chailey to Isfield - Wednesday 13 May 2009

·         Stour Valley Walks - Sunday 3 May 2009

·         Blackboys - Sunday 19 April 2009

·         Plumpton - Sunday 5 April 2009

·         Balcombe to Haywards Heath AKA: Lewes, Southease, South Downs, Glynde - Tuesday 31 March 2009

·         Hadlow Down - Woods and Pastures - Sunday 22 March 2009

·         Pycombe - Wednesday 18 March 2009

·         High Hurstwood - Sunday 8 March 2009

·         Around Cuckfield - Sunday 22 February 2009

·         Uckfield to Newick - Wednesday 18 February 2009

·         Lewes and Kingston Circular: Walk 5 - Sunday 25 January 2009

·         Devils Dyke - Wednesday 21 January 2009

·         Ashdown Forest followed by New Year Lunch - Wednesday 14 January 2009

·         Ringmer to Mt Caburn back to Lewes - Sunday 11 January 2009


·         Around Henfield - Sunday 14 December 2008

·         Autumn Tints Woolbeding - Sunday 2 November 2008

·         Wivelsfield to Plumpton Green - Tuesday 28th October 2008

·         Horstead Keynes - Sunday 19 October 2008

·         Chiddingly - Wednesday 15 October 2008

·         Around Scaynes Hill - Wednesday 17 September 2008

·         Test Valley Coach Ounting - Sunday 7 September 2008

·         Rodmell Bank Hoiliday - Monday 25 August 2008

·         Arlington Including Reservoir - Wednesday 20 August 2008

·         Ashdown Forest - Sunday 10 August 2008

·         Balsdean Valley - Tuesday 5 August July 2008

·         Firle Evening Walk - Saturday 26 July 2008

·         Forest Row to Hartfield - Wednesday 23 July 2008

·         Wiston - Sunday 13 July 2008

·         Alfriston - Sunday 29 June 2008

·         The Breakfast Walk - Wednesday 25 June 2008

·         Bolney - Sunday 15 June 2008

·         Kings Standing and Ashdown Forest - Sunday 1 June 2008

·         Bishopstone to Lewes - Sunday 18 May 2008

·         Small Dole and Fulking - Wednesday 14 May 2008

·         Medway Valley - Sunday 4 May 2008

·         Ringmer Circular - Wednesday 30 April 2008

·         Partridge Green - Sunday 20 April 2008

·         Lewes to Falmer - Wednesday 16 April 2008

·         Greenwich Meridian Trail. - 6th to 12th April, 2008

·         Ditchling and Lower Standean - Tuesday 1 April 2008

·         West of Steyning - Monday 24 March 2008

·         Albourne Meander - Sunday 9 March 2008

·         Newick Circular - Tuesday 4 March 2008

·         Tilgate Forest - Wednesday 20 February 2008

·         Chiddingley - Wednesday 23 January 2008

·         Ditchling - wednesday 16 January 2008

WALK REPORTS for 2007 and before

·         Stanmer - Wednesday 26 December 2007

·         Rodmell - Wednesday 12 December 2007

·         Kingston - Tuesday 27 November 2007

·         Walks in 2007 and before. Individual reports are not indexed.


·         Ouse Valley in 2006.

·         Vanguard Way from Croydon to Newhaven in 2005.

·         South Downs Way from Eastbourne to Winchester in 2003 and 2004




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